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Hi I've quit smoking for 2 weeks now with the help of a vapour e-cig. Previously I quit 'cold turkey' for 5 months but suffered with horrible side effects and appalling depression. Why doesn't the 'smoke free' fraction warn quitters that they can get severe depression aswell as weight gain etc, also why don't they recommend e-cigs when they clearly help soo many people quit tobacco? Can anyone answer that? The e-cig has been a life saver cannot recommend it more highly. I feel fine and haven't had a cigarette :) Last thing, what nicotine strength should I be using in the e- liquid? I'm currently using 11mg, I'm slightly dizzy at times but it passes, thanks.

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  • Hi Carolyn90, well done you for two weeks smoke free :D

    I think if they told us too much info we'd never give up!!! I cant advise you on Ecigs as I was a patches girl, but Im sure someone will be able to help you out with some great advice later :)

  • Hi Carolyn, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site :)

    A massive well done to you for reaching 2 weeks quit :) :) I'm sorry, but I have never tried to quit cold turkey, so I dont know what the side affects would be like for me :o but, what I do know is, we are all different and it affects us all in different ways.

    I'm nearly 2 weeks quit myself, on Tuesday that is and I'm using the vapour e-cig with 1.8 mg strawberry flavour liquid :) Erm, I smoked about 30 a day soooo, I needed a bit stronger one eh.

    You say you feel a bit dizzy at times, well, perhaps 11mg is a bit too strong for you, soooo, maybe try the 0.6mg liquid :)

    If the 0.6mg isnt quite strong enough for you, then what quite a few members do on here is put some of the 0.6mg liquid into your e-cig and some of the 11mg liquid too, so it mixes up, so then its not such of a big drop, if you see what I mean :o :)

    Please keep in touch with us :)

    Pete :)

  • Hey there Carolyn,

    A massive we'll done on a brilliant quit.I quit using an ECig and had tried a few times before without success.The Ecig is what got me thru and there's a lot of folk on here who feel the same. If you need any help then just shout,there's usually someone about.Hugs H x

  • Hi Carolyn, welcome and well done to you,,, I smoked for thirty years and I can honestly say the e cig is the best thing ever invented as it stopped me from smoking and I didn't think anything ever could,, keep it up and stay strong :D :D

  • Hi Carolyn.

    I was a heavy smoker and am using 24mg, the strongest liquid available. I dipped to 18 for a couple of days but it wasn't enough for me. I will be easing down very slowly. The best thing is the range of equipment you can get. I have found a very fetching purple pipe and even a hand grenade - quite the fascination when I am out and about (Don't recommend taking the hand grenade on a plane though!) I love them....I love them all....especially the hand grenade!

  • thanks to everyone for their warm and encouraging responses :)

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