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I am such a failure

Emjay - please take away my banner, I'm not worthy of it anymore.

Just got to 4 months and I did the worst thing ever I took a puff last Thursday and I've been smoking....

So fed up with myself.

I don't even have any excuse, no stress, nothing happened. I just smoked!

Funny thing is I've had some stressful times and I never gave in. No idea why I have now.

The only thing I can think of is I've been worried about my weight and been watching what I've been eating. Maybe I was trying to do too much, not smoking and not eating.

I heve found I want to smoke when I'm hungry.

I reckon I just said sodd it.

So I now feel like rubbish. I have a sore throat and I've had a headache for 2 days.

I did try a patch on Monday but got such a bad headache, obviously the nicotine hitting my system and all those toxins.

I need help. So I've booked an appointment at smoking cessation at boots tomorrow. Last time I did it on my own, but now I need to get off ASAP.

Let this be a warning to everyone. I can't believe I have to start all over again.

It sucks!!!

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Ah Teric that's such a shame and I can imagine how bad your feeling, BUT please don't beat yourself up too much, remember how well you did and all the cigs you haven't smoked for over 3 months. You did it before and you will do it again, it's just a hiccup and I can totally understand the trying to not smoke and not over eat, I'm trying to do that to and it's mighty hard. Stay strong and tomorrow's another day :) x


Thank you fresher

I've put a patch on & I'm going to try to back on track.

I can't go back to smoking 20 a day, I'm not going there



Firstly Teric, thankyou so much for being honest with us xx

Secondly, I know just what your going through, cos I did the same a couple of weeks ago. But please don't give up giving up eh.

Good luck Teric xx


Hey Teric,

Firstly, you are not a failure so please don't think about yourself in this way. Anybody who has a go is nowhere near to being a failure, somebody who manages to stop smoking for as long as you did most definitely has a winners streak in them :-)

Great that you want to get back on track and even better that you have made an appointment to see a stop smoking advisor. Let us know how you get on and we'll compliment the advice that you are given :-)

The best thing for you to do is to learn from this time round and put your learning into place for the next round :-)

How about rather than removing your Winner's Badge, I just take it down and give it a good polish for you ready for you to wear with pride again? :-)

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Thanks monky & Emjay please give it a polish.

I'll be back stronger than ever


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Hi Teric, don't be so hard on yourself it makes it worse when theres no need, we all make mistakes and l always remember a quote..' those who don't make mistakes don't make anything'. I quit when l was 18( a long time ago!) for 2 months, it did not bother me at all, did not need any help of any kind..then one day l just decided to have just ONE!!! that was it!! now l am 60 and have to quit because of Copd diagnosis, started with patches which l finished early due to skin irritation and am now on Gum alone...never thought l could even get through 7 hours without a ciggie and l have just done 7 weeks and 3 days smoke free , but this time l KNOW l cannot ever afford to even take one puff ever again. Keep on trying, never give up.Wish you all the very best.


Hey Teric, please stop being so hard on yourself, you have done absolutely brilliantly. I've just worked out that during your stop you have not smoked well over 2000 cigarettes - Wow that is an amazing achievement and you should be MEGA proud of yourself for doing that! This is obviously just a blip as you are already taking steps to stop again with is a wonderfully positive thing to do so I'm really excited for you :)

I believe 100% that you are going to do this, and never ever ever think of yourself as a failure because you are definitely not that!

Keep in touch and let us know how it went with the Adviser - I'm looking forward to hearing about that!

Massive Hugs to you honey!

xx :) :)


Hi Teric you are NOT a failure,ok you made a mistake but that does not make you a failure. You have tried and you will try again, so chin up. Each time it makes you stronger and you will not give up giving up. It is just the hardest thing ever and someone who has never smoked doesn't realize how hard it is. You did so well and you will do well again:) I believe in you so just believe in yourself. Big hugs x


Teric,please don't EVER label yourself as a failure,you just had a bit of a blip & being honest it could've been any one of us.The only thing to do is jump back in and try again which is what you're doing.I sympathize with the weight thing I've gained a load of weight but am now slowly loosing again,tackle just one thing at a time & don't pressure yourself.Jilly always says to have healthy snacks about the place, spicy salsa and rice crackers are my lifesavers at the moment !!! Good Luck at Boots,use some NRT or think.about getting an Ecig,anything to help you get started again.Hugs H x


Teric no way are you a failure. To do two months is no mean feat. It took me a few tries before I got this far. When your ready just get back on track again and we will all be here cheering you on. As to the weight I think most put a few pounds on but as Helen said worry about one thing at a time. Good luck xx


Ah Teric, everyone has already said it YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE ok well I shouted it, just to make sure you got the message :)

I don't think I know one person who has just quit first time round, I've tried a couple of times and once I even managed a whole year...! So it happens to the best of us. I have also put on weight, but to be honest I cant do both non smoking and dieting so have chosen non smoking, its the worst of two evils.

I'll worry about my weight when I've kicked Mr Nic as I'll be a stronger person to tackle it, so will you :)

Good luck with your visit to the advisor and keep us posted, we are ALL routing for you. Keep strong hun :) -x-

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:) :) :)




Thank you all.

You are all such a strength.

Onward and upward.

Had 1 fag today & patch went on, not smoked since.

A blip but the battle has not been lost.

Thank you all you are brill,nso nice to talk to so someone

X thank you


That is what we are here for.... you stay nice and positive you hear -x-


We are all here to help you Teric :) :)

And never fear cos Pete is ear see :) :) xx although am a twit :o


Rite am off up that flippin woooden hill again, soooo,

Nite nite everybody and thankyou for helping to keep them cravings out a the way tonight :) :) I love you all and i hope you all have wonderful sweet dreams and a good nights sleep too :) :)

Pete :) xxxxx


Night Pete, sleep tight and don't let the little twits bite lol :D x


:D :D nite nite fresher, enjoy your new prezzie to yourself :P


Night night droopy, haha I will just keep annoying my teenagers taking there pic everywhere haha, have a lovely sleep x


Nite nite Pete, thanks for the laughs tonite and enjoy a great smokefree day tomorrow :D


Hello Teric,

No one is a failure that is for the electric or the gas or the telephone not a word for people.

Have you tied the e cig. I have used the Vype one which is nice and cheap and is really good.

I am now on a different one which is nicotine free so Ive done it in stages and maybe that will be better for you.

I do hope you manage to stay off again and love and best wishes




Teric you are amazing for having stopped 4 months. Know you must be gutted about smoking but you can get back on the bandwagon. Try downloading Jason Vale's Stop Smoking in 2 hours app, it's brilliant. Sending big hugs to you



No way..you are not a failure!!!! You did so well to get to where you did...and everyone on here knows how hard that is at the start....so to get to where you did was amazing. Just a blip and your starting again. :) Good luck...onwards and upwards.xxxx ( I had a moment a few weeks back..out with a smoker and the converstaions I was having in my own head were mental....lol..like a good devil and a bad devil arguing with each other...go on you can have a few puffs and be ok.....NO you cant...don't do it...lol....I felt like a mad woman.....but I didn't do it and im pleased....but im sure that's going to happen here and there!! :( )


Everyone is entitled to a "blip day" I'm at the 4 month stage and could easily light up a cig right this minute. I've put a stone on in weight and I'm gutted but it took me a long time to get here and I'm not giving in to the dreaded weed. Have you tried the e cig. I use that when I have a real crave. I don't think I could have done it without it. Don't give up now, treat it as a jokers card and start again but just deduct the smoking days of your total days that you gave up and then you won't feel so bad. Good luck


A slip is a reminder of how S**t smoking makes us feel. Many moons ago, I had just that after 16 weeks off of the cigs. I too felt awful.I ended up justifying it in the end and then suffered until I stopped this time.Give yourself a pat on the back for the the time you did and another pat for getting back into the solution. I can be a victim of the cigs or a hero of freedom from cigs. It's up to me. Move over Arnold. You'll be back.


Congratulations Teric!

You proved to yourself you CAN quit.

Now you just need to practice it a bit more.

We'll all of us always be smokers who are just not having one today......

Just like I can never have that first drink (I'll always be an alcoholic, I'm just choosing not to drink today).

I'm on Ecigs. I still feel as though it's very much a halfway house measure BUT it's better than analogue.

Why don't you give Ecigs a whirl?

There are quite a few people on here doing just great using them.


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