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TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 03/06/2014



The picture is to remind us all that no matter what we are going through at this very moment, especially those who might be struggling today, there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel!

No matter which tunnel you are in at this particular moment, it will end, and when you get to the end the day is brighter, the air is clearer and the feeling of happiness that you have got through it is absolutely AMAZING! :)

So don't stop, just keep going forward and more than anything else, believe in yourself - YOU CAN DO THIS!

Have a wonderful smoke free day and stay strong

Love Chrissie xx :) :)

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Chrissie thanks for the encouragement. Hope you too have a wonderful day

Big love and hugs


ChrissieG in reply to BeeL

Thank you Bee, and it's so lovely to meet you :) Hopefully we'll catch up again soon xxx


Morning all, thanks Chrissie for reminding us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel :) just to see that picture is exactly how I had a picture of it in my mind after back surgery. I was in a very dark tunnel and to will myself to move, I closed my eyes and saw that little light at the end of it. So I am saying it really does work, thanks Chrissie :) so to anyone struggling please believe me, hang in there and visualize that light, it is there, just got to look hard for it some days :) NOPE x

ChrissieG in reply to Briarwood

Good Morning Briarwood, thank you so much for your comments, I didn't realise (or possibly had forgotten) about your back surgery - when did you have it and how is it now sweetie?

I'm on holiday this week, but I'm seriously looking at my finances at the moment trying to work out how I can afford a holiday next year. A friend of mine has just gone off for a cruise on his own and I'm so envious because I think that a cruise would be the one way I could do a holiday on my own. Oh how I wish I could win the flipping lottery!!! :) :) :)

So what are you up to day???? xx


Good morning everyone.

Chrissie, a lovely opening to the day gal, just love it xx.

Sorry can't do smiles on my phone, so you got kisses instead, hope you don't mind.

ChrissieG in reply to monky

I don't mind at all - hugs and xxxxx's are always welcome in Chrissie land!

I missed you going offline last night , I started to get confused by all the posts - did you say goodnight? If so, night night Monky and I hope you have sweet dreams (belated wishes of course!) :) :) :) xx

monkyAdministrator in reply to ChrissieG

Yes I did say goodnight, I think you were wizzing adout on the magic roundabout in your pjs at that time xxxxxx.

Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Morning everyone,

Hope everyone is well and smoke free :)

Well its raining here, and meant to be rubbish tomorrow too, and i am meant to be going out with my friends for their daughters first birthday :( ahhh well i am cumbrian so a little rain wont spoil our plans :)


ChrissieG in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hi Pinkie - well is was gorgeous and sunny here first thing but now the biggest fattest clouds have arrived and I think we are heading for a massive downpour!

Ah 1st birthdays are so precious, I'm sure it will be fun whatever the weather :) xx

Still smoke free : ) Got one hell of an urge and craving earlier but it has passed thank God. How is everyone? hope you're all well? quick question do we know if there is a health unlocked app? I've been looking for it but don't think there is.


veecatz2 YEAR WINNER

How true - each day is amazing - and even if we smoke or not it will be filled with joy, and trials and tribulations! Smoking acutually adds to the stress, as I found myself always wondering when I could get my next ciggy. I don't have to do that today - and am so glad about that. Don't ever beat yourself up - we are all worth it and usually I have found that the majority are lovely people and strong in lots of other ways. So onwards and upwards!!

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