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Hey I'm finally sticking to my decision to quit smoking! I've been smoking for 11 years and I'm only 24!!! But this time I've gone cold turkey- and although the cravings aren't there anymore it's the chest pains, constant coughing and choking and actually making myself sick from coughing that's getting me... I haven't had a smoke in 6 days and I haven't had a full night sleep for 5days now and it's killing me! Everytime I lay down I start coughing and my ribs and back are in bits! Is this normal?? And how long will it last?? Anyone know anything that could help cause I've really considered going back on the smokes just to stop this horrible feeling!

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  • DON'T go back to the cigs but DO go and see a doctor to get checked out just to make sure it's nothing serious.A lot of the good folk on here have felt the same way as you (I never really had a cough but I got 4 chest infections over about 5 months!!) having been a smoker for quite a few years your lungs are now getting rid of the accumulation of tar and gunk that being a smoker brings, good news is that because you're coughing your lungs are healing (probably doesn't feel like it at the moment) but it will get better. PLEASE go and see your doc to see if there's anything they can give you (you might have a chest infection that a short course of antibiotics will fix, are you coughing up green gunk??)Just remember that this feeling will pass and that you're doing absolutely fantastically well going cold turkey and managing 6 days, the nicotine is out of your system now and any craving that you might experience now is just your mind playing mean tricks on you.Stay strong Lou, stick close to the site and shout if you need help.

  • Hi Lucky-Lou, it's lovely to meet you and welcome to quit support :) I don't know whether I can help you but I will certainly try.

    To be honest it sounds like you have more than the effects of smoking withdrawal going on, you should definitely go to the doctors because it sounds more like a chest infection to me or something like that, do you suffer from asthma at all? Coughing to the point of vomiting is not great, are you actually coughing anything up?

    Whatever you do please please please don't go back to the cigarettes, inhaling all those toxic fumes will not help you or your lungs at all!!!! You need to find ways of relaxing the cough and being able to breath and sleep more easily. You have come this far and you are actually doing brilliantly under the circumstances so please please do not be tempted.

    There are some nasty coughs and colds around at the moment, but also some people on here have started coughing when they stopped smoking, and thinking about it, others have even suffered from chest infections as well - I am sure they will be online later and will be able to reassure or advise you.

    Take care of yourself, try to relax and please stay positive about your stop - you really are doing brilliantly :) :) xx

  • Hi LuckyLou, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site and a massive well done for reaching 6 days quit :) :)

    Rite, down to the nitty gritty, most of us suffer from coughing the first week or so, its your lungs cleaning all the crud out, left from smoking :) ermmm, but please, please spit the phlegm out into a hanky or something, I'm sorry its not a nice thing to have to do, but you must get rid of it out of your body :) As you get rid of it, the coughing should ease off, but if not, perhaps a visit to your GP may help, just to be on the safe side eh :)

    Please dont go back to the smokes, you've got this far, so you stay strong it will get easier for you :) Drink plenty of water too, cos that may help with the coughing :)

    Hope to speak soon, Pete :)

  • Hey guys thank you so much for the support!!! I'm really suffering right now!!! I'll give it till Tuesday and see how I am and go to the doc then! I've been taking exputex and everything to try help and tried the home remedies but nothings helping and after 5 sleepless nights in cracking up!

  • Hey, Luckylou, just try to keep calm and collective eh :) :)

    What I think your trouble is, you cant sleep :o :o

    A lovely Lady on this site, called ChrissieG, has mentioned trying Camomile with her cup of tea/ coffee before she goes to bed, and it helps her to sleep :) :) sooooo, maybe, it just might help you :) :)

  • Lou,I used to run an ear nose and throat unit as senior sister,a couple of things that might help to keep you going until you see a doctor,If your cough is worse when you lie flat add an extra pillow just to keep you propped up a bit,might help with the breathing.The other suggestion is steam inhilations which can be done in 1 of 2 ways 1/ run your shower really hot until the bathroom is full of steam,sit in the bathroom and just breathe the steam in for 5 mins or so or 2/boil a kettle and fill a bowl with the water (BE VERY CAREFUL!!) put the bowl on a flat surface and place a towel over your head whilst holding your face a good 6 ins or so from the bowl (AGAIN,BE VERY CAREFUL) inhale the steam until the water cools.If you have some Vics or eucalyptus oil add that to the water before you inhale the steam.Again,as I said,these suggestions are only until you get to see a doctor by might just help in the short term.Hugs H x

  • WOW H, you are indeed a remarkable woman :) and full of surprises :D

  • I used to be O.K. as a nurse,hence the poorly back,a legacy of too many years of bad manual handling.ENT was my all time favourite just a fab job working with some truly lovely people,still miss it to this day.I worked in Kent but moved back up to sunny Newcastle (NOT!!) in 2003.I'm not really remarkable at all,I'm just plain old me but thank you for your kind words droopy,WELL DONE on the fab 2 months.Hugs H x

  • Hi Lucky-Lou, WOW 6 days cold Turkey is quite a mind boggling achievement.... Everyone has already said it, but do think you should get checked out :(

    Keep at it and we will all give you the support you need :D -x-

  • Yeah I'll deffo try that camomile tea and see if that helps :) I've never had trouble sleeping so I think it's just everytime I lay down or try to lie my chest feels heavy and then I start coughing and choking which in turn makes me sick and it's just a vicious circle!!! Thanks so much everyone like it's nice to hear from people that I don't even know that I'm doing good when I don't get any help at home with it! Means a lot x

  • I hope it works out for you Lou, :) :)

    Good luck :) :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks pete :)

  • HEY, Lou, please please shout out eh, if you need help, cos there is always somebody about :) :)

  • Hey well done your doing good,but for the chest pains your body is recovering from all the years of smoking,sleep patterns are the worst because your body is repairing its self from the nasty nicotine DONT GO BACK ON THEM! Your doing so well,tryn change your lifestyle around say u like suger in your tea/ coffee,tryn have no sugar if u know wat i mean...keep up the good work :)

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