Hi, new here

Have had to stop smoking because recently diagnosed with copd,have not had a ciggie now for 6weeks and 4 days although l could not have done it without the patches, now on last Step 3 (7mg Nicotine) which due to finish tomorrow, have been told l can take them for longer if l feel l need to but they irritate my skin so much and now find the 'Gum' really helpful so am aiming to use the gum whenever l have a 'craving' instead of depending on the patch.With that aim in mind my next goal is to reduce the amount of gum. God this is hard but reckon l don't have any other choice, l really would like to carry on living.

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  • Hi Sue

    And welcome to this lovely site, Congrats on getting to nearly 7 weeks :) you are already due a badge :)

    Sounds like you are really determined and have a good plan in place. Good skills :)

    I am using an Ecig, but others on here use patches and gum, so they will be along to tell you their experiences and offer some advice. But seems to me like you have this sorted.


  • Many thanks Pinkiezoom, guess in my head l have got it sorted but l know the physical cravings tell me another story, the only thing that really stops me is the fact that l have copd and if l continue to smoke then l will rapidly decline so l may well not be here this time next year BUT l am just so determined NOT to die, well not quite so soon, l may be 60 but l still got a few years of livin yet!!!getting a little nervous about stopping the 7mg patches but have bought some 4 mg gum just in case, l usually use the 2 mg.

  • Hey Sue, i am sure you could continue using the patches for longer as its better to have a patch than a ciggie, maybe cut them in half?

    Blimey you have YEARS left in you yet :) so we need to make sure it stays that way hun.

    I dont know much about patches at all, so feel a bit of a fraud, but I know the site gets busier in the evenings and loads of folk will stop by to help you :) :) they are brilliant on here.

    No way I could have stopped without these guys :)

    ~I actually dont know what copd is? is it a heart condition?


  • Hi Sweetie, COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a disease of the lungs which encompasses a few things like bronchitis although it is also very much a smoking related disease, although it's progress can be stopped by stopping smoking! So Sue has done an amazing thing for her health by giving up the cigs which is a fantastic decision to make :) :)

  • Al my flower,how's things ? H x

  • Hi H

    I am ok hun, just counting the months until i can move back up north :) x

  • Hi Sue - welcome to this wonderful site and massive congratulations on your achievement so far, that is absolutely fantastic so well done you! :)

    I like your thinking Sue, it's so good that you are preparing from when you stop using the patches. I had the same problem in the past in that I was allergic to them so in the end I just couldn't use them anymore even if I wanted to, but you've stocked up on gum for when the going gets tough which is good.

    You have made the absolute best decision for your health, EmJay our advisor can tell you more, but stopping smoking will slow down or even stop the progress of the disease so you have done the very best thing of all - fantastic! :) :) :)

    So please keep in touch and let us know how you get on, and stay positive, this is an amazing thing you are doing!!!

  • Fully understand that my friend I am on the gum although trying to cut it down, now have maybe five pieces a day so I am cutting down slowly but want to stop completely , wishing you every success with your quit you will get there x

  • Hey there Sue,

    If it helps any I also have COPD and have been cig free for nearly 9 months and have been nicotine free for 5 of them.The best advice I can give is don't give up the NRT until you're ready.I had to give up smoking to have some surgery on my back so I had no option but it's the best thing II ever did.You have a good plan in place and at 60 there's plenty of life to be lived yet.I'm 55.You can do this but just don't give up the nicotine replacement until you're totally ready.GOOD LUCK.Hugs Helen x

  • Fantastic job, Sue930,

    Nice to meet you! This is a great group, they are fantastic listeners...and have very patiently ( ha!ha!) put up with MY CRABBING.....but, after 25 years I'm 8 days no cigs,

    If you have made it to 6 weeks.....you deserve a well earned medal....please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing....

  • Hi Sue and well done to you, great achievement hun :)

    I am on patches but did you cut down on the length of time you were on step 2 for?

    I started on step 2 (16 hour patch) I smoked about 10 a day and this was for 8 weeks, I am now on step 3 and this is for 4 weeks (got about 10 days to go!!!)... :) which is why I'm surprised your finishing so quickly (great if you can though :D )

    I also had a box of step 3 that irritated me big time so I stopped using them and started on another box and have been fine - although I only have them on for 12-16 hrs, I do find that the mark they leave is still there 24 hrs later so I continually put them in a different place...

    You can use the patches for longer if you want and you can use them on odd days as well if your having really bad cravings...or if your somewhere you wouldn't be able to chew gum or lozenges... (important meetings/church etc..)

    Good luck with this and keep us posted, as a fellow patchy I would be interested to know how you get on :D -x-

  • Thankyou to all of you, it makes a big difference to read all the comments.Was on step one for a month then step 2 for 3 weeks and been on step 3 for a month, l really cutting them a little short but only because they irritate my skin so much..to the point of having a raised bright red and itchy square after taking a patch off and this may stay for up to 3 or 4 days, l have put up with it because have tried most other ways of 'quitting' and none successful although l confess l do have extra reasons for quitting now and know l did'nt have enough willpower before.Feel l have got everything in place to stop the patches,with the 4 mg on standby. Have to admit l may be becoming addicted to the gum now so have some ordinary minty gum as well so l alternate them.

  • The irritation from the patches drives me nuts too so hopefully I will be relieved to come off them altogether :D Haven't tried the gum but think I may get some. I have the lozenges but I really don't like them....

    Well done to you though your doing great :D -x-

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