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8 Months in today. Time to give up nicotine!

Hi Everyone,

Seen a lot lately about "Is stopping smoking without giving up nicotine really giving up?".

I don't know the answer to this but I really don't think I would have been able to get to 8 months of giving up without nicotine to help get over my habit of smoking. And in my mind, I had to break my smoking habit first before I could tackle nicotine.

Breaking the link of getting up and reaching for just a coffee NOT a coffee and a cigarette took a lot of getting used to.

But now after 8 months, I think it's time to bite the bullet and give up the nicotine to be truly free. It's day 2 now of using my e-cig with no nicotine and I have to say its flippin hard.

Feel light headed, can't concentrate - all the classic symptoms of giving up BUT the wierd thing is, I'm not craving a cigarette.

Hopefully it'll subside over the next couple of days - we'll see how it goes......

Keep at it.


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Hi Simon

First I have to take my hat off to on being an 8 month winner! Great achievement, congratulations :)

Second, I hope to get there too, and am following the same route, getting off the white sticks first, also using the ecig.

It's bound to be tough getting off the nicotine I think, and it's just great that you have got this far and ready to take the next step. You can do it, let us know how you get on.

I am thinking I might be giving myself a year, or whatever it takes!

A bit too soon I downed the nic to 11 yesterday, Its felt like sucking air and not right at all, and I have been in a meeting all morning, craving like crazy. Have now come out and put some 18 liquid in and it's good. Before yesterday I was mixing 18 and 11.

Did you gradually reduce the strength down over the 8 months? Any tips are very welcome.

Hang on in there, wishing you lots of determination, tho it's clear you've already got plenty :) Stay strong :)


Hi Betts

Thanks for that - it's been a rollercoaster 8 months but here I am.

The e-cig was the best invention ever for me. Started smoking at 13 and over the next 30 years I tried patches, gum and all sorts to give up but they never helped with the habit and I caved in after a short time.

I started off with the 24mg stuff but found it too strong, so went straight onto 16mg. I stayed on that for a few months then went down to 11mg then 6mg. I have to say though, the 6mg is really low - as you said - you feel like your sucking on air - and I did bounce back up to 11.

About 2 months ago I bought nicotine free liquid and started mixing it with the 11mg but found I wasn't really being strict and always used more of the nicotine liquid than the non - so.... I decided to bite the bullet and see how it goes on only the no-nic stuff.

What I'd also being doing though was cutting out smoking routines.... for example,

When I smoked, my average daily routine was to:

> get up go into the garden (didn't smoke in the house) and have a smoke -

> then again before leaving for work.

> get to work (never smoked in the car) and have a smoke before going in.

> didn't smoke lunch time but have another one when leaving the office.

> get home - go into the garden and have a smoke.

> smoke 6 or 7 in the evening (in the garden).

So the first thing I did was make a rule not to use the e-cig in the garden (to try and break the association).

Then, I stopped taking it to work (so I could use it in the morning but couldn't again till I got home).

and so on.....

These were hard to do and I failed a few times (broke the rules) but over time I got more and more used to it and found I only really needed the e-cig in the evenings and on the weekend (especially with a drink!).

But even then, when you stop the nicotine all together, your body goes ito withdrawal. I just hope that as I've been reducing my use over the months, the symptoms will be less and quicker to get over. If I end up back with nicotine, so be it. But I am going to try my best and stay off nicotine.

If you need a year - you need a year - if two then two. In my mind (and having read loads of the possible pros and cons) usinf the e-cig, even if its forever, is far, far better than smoking.

I'll let you know how it goes - and good luck.



Hey Simon, thanks for the insight, I am an ecig user, and like you decided smoke free first and then get nic free. I dropped my nic from 24 to 16 and couldnt cope so had to go back up, but now mixing the 2, but i am afraid i might never be nic free :( but i agree, ecig still better than the real thing.

Please keep us up to date as there a lot of people on here, about to embark on the journey and you can be our guide lol x


Hi Simon, you have done so very well 8 months is terrific. :) I'm also on ecig started on 1.8 and when I tried to go lower it was like pinkie said sucking air :X I knew I wasn't ready :D I actually read Allen Carrs book and he's all about cold turkey but I don't think it's for me although I agree in principle - that's a bit too much suffering at the moment :X I wish you the very best and will follow with great interest :) good luck x

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Yes, thanks for that insight Simon, it is incredibly useful. I need to draw back, bite the bullet on breaking the 'habits' structure more, that'll have to be the next stage and I guess the sooner the better. But not today! At the moment I still wake up craving, and use the ecig like I used cigarettes, to 'get going', still with a cup of tea, and yes, oh dear, I think this is not great. You've given me lots of food for thought. Right now, I am just so pleased not to be smoking cigarettes, and feel so much better for it.


I will say guys that it was at least 2 months, maybe 3 before I even started to try and cut things down. So I wouldn't worry about it.

I'm no guru - take it from me. This is the best I've ever done but I still feel vunerable when I walk past the smoking shed outside work or see someone smoking on TV.

Everyone is different and different things help them. If you don't feel confident cutting down on nicotine - don't do it - wait until you do feel confident - or - try and cut down but go back up if you feel you can't cope.

Only one thing not to do and thats smoke! Sound simple, when you say it like that doesn't it? :) I wish


Ah Simon that is fantastic news, massive congratulations to you for achieving 8 months, that really is an amazing achievement! And again like all the others, thank your for your story because it really does help.

Like you I think the e-cig is the best invention ever for helping to stop smoking. I have already cut out most of my smoking habits but do still have the hardest to crack which is first thing in the morning and then the evening and the weekends. I never take my e-cig with me when I go out, it just sits here waiting for me to get back and I honestly don't even think about smoking when I am out, and that includes my socialising/drinking times although I've never stayed out overnight during my stop. I need the morning ones to make sure I get through the day, and then the evening ones, I guess I should really cutting down that usage, but it is better than smoking cigarettes.

I started on 1.8 but have been on 1.2 for around 3 weeks, initially mixing it with 1.8 and now permanently on 1.2, but I'm thinking of trying the same with 0.6 for the next few weeks. I'm actually waiting for when I'm on leave from work for a whole week to try to get to zero BUT I will not be upset with myself if I struggle because I will always keep trying.

Thank you for your inspirational words, they really have motivated me to try to reach the next step! xx :) :)


Aup Simon, thats just great news, 8 Months quit now then pal :) :)

Good luck with getting mr nic out of your system for goooooooooood :) :)

Pete :)


It will subside I promise.Those first few days,are hell,I managed 3 days then had a couple of puffs from my 6mg cartridge, I just coughed a lot so I stopped.I remember reading a post when I first came on here from.someone who said it was like stopping twice and yep,it is.Get thru the first few days and you'll be O.K.Hugs H x


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