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Still going after 2 yrs

Yep its been over 2 yrs now since I gave up blowing smoke out my mouth and nose lol and to be honest I still think to myself if some one was to offer me a ciggy would I take it. The worse part of it is the weight gain and what baffled me was the no change in what I eat that includes snacking the problem is I am still having my mints and I started on them to get me of the NRT and not getting help from the Drs etc those things can be pretty pricey as well.

Anyway that is me and how ive been doing good luck to those who are just starting.

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Congratulations new romantic that is certainly an achievement and one I hope I can emulate, not easy this giving up cigarettes actually spoke to my mother in law the other day she has not smoked for years and even now at times she says she could murder a cigarette, I think that if you have smoked there are always going to be times when you feel like one but thankfully it reduces over time and is a passing thought more than a craving keep it up one day I will get to the same place I hope


The funny thing was when I was younger couple yrs before I started smoking I use to hate people smoking round me plus my mum was a bad smoker just got to get of these mints But well done Kaprin you are doing well.


Hi newromantic, well done on getting to 2 years. Lovely to know it is possible to quit for more than a couple of months. :) :)


Congratulations new romantic. 2 years is terrific. My husband says that it took him a few years not to think about cigs at all however fleetingly. They say time is a good healer. I am smoke free now for 13 weeks and I must admit I was really fearful of putting on weight but I have avoided it by getting into tea! All kind of flavours....my favourites are Buttermint (tastes like Murry Mints) Rose Garden (Turkish Delight) and Liquorice Allsorts.

When I want a cig I have a cup of tea, when I want a chocolate, I have a cup of tea....it works for me!

Thanks for your kind encouragement, we all need it :)


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