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Normally I would've had a cigarette.


Went to take my 85 year old mum supermarket shopping at lunchtime to find her on the floor of her flat where she'd been for about 3 hrs (we think,she can't remember) After the initial panic & the getting her up off the floor (took my hubby & brother in law to get her up) hubby and I went off to do her shopping.Normally I would've had a cig as soon as I was out of her door but I just didn't even think to do it.Thankfully my lovely mum is O.K. a bit shaken and told off for not wearing her panic button but O.K.I'm very thankful for that but also because I'm starting to realise that for me the nicotine monster has had its day.To any newbie starting off on their journey,I WISH I could bottle this feeling and give you all a bit because the feeling of just knowing I've probably won is priceless.You can all be in this place too.Hugs H

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Well said Helen your defo smoke free now. Hugs to mum and tell her to wear the panic button saves you panicking. :)

lanemorph3 YEAR WINNER

Well done YS, especially with the situation you faced.!!!!! Thank the Lord your mom was okay, and that you arrived when you did.If, after such a shock, you resisted temptation, then, i think you have definitely got the N.M under control.WTG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully there will be no more incidents like that to test your willpower x

So pleased your mum is OK Helen both my parents have those yet every time I go round they are not around their necks what's the point of paying for them if you never use them I keep telling them, well we can get to the bedroom and pick them up if we need to they say, bless them frustrating though, anyway so glad you are now thinking he has gone from your life can't wait for him to go from mine Mr Nic of course is who I meant you are also priceless Helen x

Oh Helen, the line I love in that post is that "you just didn't even think to do it" - it just speaks volumes about how far you have come and how much you have achieved, it's just amazing. You have been through the battle, actually you've been through the war and you've won - you should be feeling happy and you should be feeling proud and just a massive well done to you!

On another note, thank goodness your mum is okay - did she faint or something? That must have been such a shock for you but I am glad she is okay now.

Massive happy hugs to you! :) xxx

Kaprin,PLEASE PLEASE tell your parents to wear their panic buttons,my mum could see hers hanging from her wardrobe door from where she was on the floor.Chrissie flower,SO glad to see you're still hanging on in there,nearly at a week now YAY :-)

My mum Isn't too steady on her feet at the best of times,we think she's been trying to make her bed and has slipped/tripped over her duvet.Gave us all (my sister also arrived in the middle of everything) a HUGE shock but just very blessed that she's O.K.

monkyAdministrator in reply to yellowsnowdrop

Helen, am just so so glad that she and you ! are alright :) :) That was one hell of a test for you H :o and you passed with flying colours gal :) :)

My Dad didnt wear his panic button until I went to live with him, and told him to put it on, His answer to me was, well, '' I didnt want to disturb anybody '' :o :D :D

Am so glad your Mams ok H :) :)

How fantastic ;) ...I mean not to want a cig...not your mum on the floor, bless her. Hope she is ok.xx strangely I was talking to my other half today about how I'm coping with not having the cigs...but did say god knows how I would cope in a REALLY stressful situation....just like u had today. I can only hope I'm the same as you in 6 months time ;)

ALL of you 'new starters' will be in exactly the place that I'm in before you know it.It seems like only 5 mins ago that I was posting my first post wondering if anyone would come back to me (Jilly and Pete(monkey) did) The time goes so very fast with ALL of it's trials and tribulations.If it was really easy it would be no fun at all now would it!!?? Stay strong and stay focused.Night all. Hugs Helen x


Aw Helen so glad your mum is ok and love the way you are feeling now about the cigs. I so agree with you it is such a good feeling and I know like you it's taken me about six months to feel like this but it is so worth it. Keep going everyone NOPE xx

BETH, sssssssoooooo good to see you.I'm glad everything is still O.K.just gotta get Al sorted now.Hugs H x

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