Day 18 of a long haul !

Day 18 of a long haul !

Well its day 18 for me now :) Its not been easy, but saying that, its not been toooo bad either :) I seam to get good days like today :) then bad days, and some, have really struggled to get through :( I think the only way I have made it through sometimes is coming on here and reading your Posts & Comments :) :) Thank you sooooooo much everybody :) :) I loves ya all ta bits a doo :) I must say, I feel a lot better in myself, more confident, more lively :o erm, its hard to explane really, well, its like the feeling of winning something, if that makes sense to you :o

I think I've done all my coughing up phlegm now, sure am glad thats out of the way :) am finding it easier on my rower too, I can give it some now, get off it and not be coughing and gasping for air :) just, ermmm panting now eh :o :D

That funny smell has gone too, I can now smell a smoker at 200 yards ! but I still like the smell :o I'm not sure about my taste buds yet !! perhaps that comes when I've quit the NRT and got rid of the nicotine for good :o :)

For all of you who are just starting your quit program, stick at it, cos it is worth it, trust me :) :)

Rite am off to bed now, so good day to you all, and flippin Enjoyyyyyy it :) Pete :) xx

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  • Woooohoooo Pete,

    Does the 18 day straight bum wiggle dance for you :)

    Well done!


  • I always KNEW you'd get there again my friend.You so deserve any and all support you get because you support so many of us.WOO HOO Pete got to day 18,doin the 18 day happy dance for you (it's like the 14 day happy dance but just a bit bigger!!) Hugs to you Pete x H x

  • The 18 day dance just has more bum wiggles in it lol x

  • :D :D :D

  • Wiggle away girl,I'm pretty sure Pete will love it! X

  • :) :) :)

  • Haha love your dances Al and Helen (lucky Pete) me I'm doing the eighteen day shimmy dance nice and sedate lol - well done Pete xx

  • You go sister :) x

  • beth, lucky meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) :)

  • I'm with BethJayne - I haven't got the energy to do the 18 day bum wiggle tonight - so I'll shimmy along in celebration!!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo Dooodle Dooooooo Monkey!!!!! :)

  • Nice shimmy action there Chrissie :) x

  • Hmmmmmm, I was just watching that action myself Al :| :)

  • Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, just please calm down a bit eh, cos with all this ear dancing and flippin wiggling about, I will have to go and have a lay down now :o cos my hearts racing, blood pressure's gone flippin ski high, and am looooooooving it tooooooo see :) :)

    Thank you all for your lovely comments and of course for your dancing :) :) Just luvs ya all ta bits a dooooo :) :) :) You all take care now :) xxx

  • Well done and welcome to Day 19 now Pete :D :D

    You are just crackin' on with this now, so lets stay positive and smash this nicotine monster right to the ground :-)

    Really proud of how well you are doing Mister :-)

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