Been smoke free for 5 months thanks to Electronic Cigarettes! :)

I have smoked all my life and the habit was becoming worse and worse with me smoking almost 40 day. The expense also was restricting my lifestyle. Then i happened to stumble across the "Electronic Cigarette". I really wanted to quit and didn't just want a replacement for the traditional cigarette. I was introduced to the guys at e-Cigg Lifestyle who discussed a quite smoking programme using their devices and liquids. I was weary about smoking another chemical and the impact that may have but after reading the research documentation i was given by them, i soon understood that the liquid provided by them was one of the only liquids to be UK produced and tested to ISO9001 standards. The program helped me reduce the nicotine content over a 5 month period to a point where i was "vaping" a base liquid with no nicotine. I then finally made the jump to not smoking at all :). i was shocked how easy it was. I have now been smoke free for 5 months and all thanks to the guys at e-Cigg Lifestyle (

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  • Hi timstrong, Thank you for posting this , as we have had a lot of queries and interest regarding the e-cig. Also a BIG well done on reaching 5 months. thats brilliant. :)

  • Hi Tim

    I too am using an ecig, so smoke free but not nicotine free yet, but one step at a time i say.

    Well done for making it 5 months :)

  • really well done tim. hope i can do the same in time. vaping at mo. no cigs though reducing nic slowley. day b day

  • Hi Tim

    My story is similar to yours I've quit in oct with the e cig then gradually reduced nicotine till I was smoking no nicotine then just stopped

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