Things I used to love I don't anymore !!

I guess my sense of taste & smell have well and truly returned because in the last few days I've noticed stuff I used to love smells or tastes odd.As an example Marmite,used to love it & now don't,Branston Pickle,same as Marmite,my very favourite perfume Jungle by Kenzo smells too strong & the Lenor fabric conditioner hubby is using in the machine (I 'm not allowed to bend to put washing in!!) is just horrible.A bit upset about the Marmite,used to be my favourite !!!! : )

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  • I can't stand coffee anymore, even the smell of it or anyone who has drunk any. and a lot of foods taste horrible, I keep blaming Asda for selling cheap cr*p.

  • Hi ya Linda :) its lovely to see ya on the daily chat gal :)

    Hmmmmm, as for Asda selling cheap erm, stuff :o its good cheap stuff, cos I go shopping at Asda :)

  • I too have noticed that things smell much stronger than before, especially the fabric conditioner. As for coffee, I think I'm substituting it for cigs, I can't get enough of it.

    I'm 26 days smoke free today and it's getting much easier by the day :-)

    P.s. I like marmite but haven't had any since I gave up. I'll have to give it a try :-)

  • Hey Nobum its great to see you again gal :) ermmmm, Naburn, sorryyyyyyy :o and a massive well done to you for reaching 26 days smoke free :) :)

    You stay positive and focused on your quit eh, cos your going to make it :) :)

  • Hi Yellow,

    I know exactly what you mean, and I haven't even given up that long, but my clothes seem to smell so strong of conditioner its untrue, I have only been using a quarter of a cap! so not only saving money on cigs but also shopping lol!

    Naburn I am like you and totally love coffee, but have had to drop down from 3 shots to 2 shots since my taste buds are coming back!

    LOL Linda, I blamed the chippy for changing their fish, and then realised it tasted "fishy" because i could actually taste it lol!!!

    I havent noticed anything else yet, but it is very early doors for me, ooh although walking up the stairs to my office, I could smell the woman in front had just had a ciggie! oooft not pleasant lol.

    Have a great day x

  • Aup Pinkie :) its great to see your doing so well and sving loadddddds a dosh toooo :) thats the way to go gal :) :)

    Yes I know what you mean about anybody that has just smoked !! BUT, the thing is, I still like the smell of cigs :o

    You keep the flippin good work up gal, cos you sound as if you have got your head screwed on the rite way :) :)

    Have a lovely stressful day now :)

  • It's lucozade for me. It just tastes vile now. Which is a good thing I guess because it's empty calories

  • Not only the calories gal, just think of the wind your saving :o :D :D

  • Aup Helen, ermmmm, I hope I've got your name right, otherwise I can see me getting a rite bashing :o :(

    My sense of smell and taste came back to me quite early in my quit, one of the first things I noticed was the smell of cut grass !! although I could smell it when I was smoking, it was a lot stronger and sort of gave me a lift :o if you see what I mean :)

    I've been growing tomato plants for flippin Years, but last year was the first time I smelt them, when I opened the greenhouse door :)

    I loooooove flowers with scent, my faves are sweet peas and freesias :) :) My Mam loves them as well, when I go and see her, if I have any ready for cutting, I take her a bunch, erm, to keep in good books eh :) :D When I was smoking, I used to take them into the Nursing home where she lives and the staff used to say, they smell gorgeous, BUT I couldnt smell them unless I put them to my nose :o but now I can, well did last year :) Apart from that, I dont think anythink has changed much :o erm, I still drink coffee and tea, oooo a bit of lager as well :D :D

    I have never liked marmite, but love bovril :) and still doooooooo :) :)

    Ermmmm, am just wondering Helen, if poor hubby does the washing, does he after doo the ironing as well :o :D

  • Hi Monky, ha ha, I didn't mean Asda are actually selling rubbish, it's me not them, i just don't like the taste of a lot of things any more :o) I can't drink coffee anymore but now love the taste of orange lucozade and guzzle it by the bottle full.

    I am going to try and cut my patches out this weekend so fingers crossed I don't murder someone :o)

  • Hey Pete, Yep, I am indeed Helen sometimes Hel !!!! :) My mam also LOVES Freesia, her favourites so I always think of her when I small them. Hubby mopped the kitchen floor last night (I'm told by the physio that I'm NOT allowed to do stuff like that ) I was in bed and could smell the cleaner upstairs, it's just really strange being able to smell stuff again.

  • Aww thanks Monky, you're so nice :-) 4 weeks tomorrow for me, I can't believe how quick it's gone

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