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Giving up with Champix

As above and my last cigarette was on the 12th January 2014. I get the odd bout of nausea but that's all. I am finding it hard, I smoked more than a pack a day for 50 years. I am determined that this quit is for ever as I did stop once before but gave in after a few weeks. That was 6 years ago. Looking forward to getting to know others in the same boat

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Hello KC1946, Welcome to quit support and well done on starting your quit. This site is certainly the right site to come to for help, advice, support and lots of friends in the same boat. Any queries just shout one of us will be there to help and Emjay our advisor is brilliant. Look forward to seeing you on site. Please join in the daily chat . see you soon . xx


Hey KC1946,

A big warm welcome. I can't advise on using Champix as I used patches, but wont I do know is this site is first class for support. There are plenty of people on here who have used Champix and I'm sure they will soon pop up and say hello.

Good luck with your quit, we will be with you every step of the way :-)



Hi there kc 1946 &welcome.Well done on making the decision to quit, it's not easy but well worth it & I know you'll be just fine.Just shout if you need any help.Take things just one day at a time.H


Well done can't advise on champion I used patches but also smoked a pack a day for over 40 years you can do this really you can.


Thanks for the welcome will join the daily chat tomorrow


welcome KC. your in good company. this is a great site. full of friends all helping each other to quit the fags. well done on your decision to quit and keep going you will get there! any problems along the way just make a post and someone will come back to you to help. good luck you will suceed.look forward to hearing your progress


Aup KC, as the others have said, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site :) :)

Rite Champix !! and nausea !! Try to eat something when you take the tablets, even if its a couple of biccies, I assure you it does help :)

I tried champix, its very very good :) Like you I smoked more than a packet a day, I smoked about 30 + :( but I started taking champix and after about 12 days I think it was, I just went down to 9 cigs :) Then I knew it was working :) soooo the next day was my quit date :)

Ok I had a few hard times, but got through them :) Then it just got easier and easier, so I got cocky and stopped taking them about 4 or 5 weeks before I should have done :o Bad Bad news, cos I started smoking again :(

So please please, take the full course of champix eh :) :)

Ermmm, side affects :o all I had was they made me sleep a lot :D I had a right job getting up for work, I used to keep pressing the snooze button :D :D then er-in-doors would give me a nudggggge !! that used to do it :o

Ooo, there was another side affect in the first week of taking champix, that was heartburn, or indigestion :o but like I say, it only lasted a few days :)

Good luck KC :) I was born in 1956, so if 1946 is your date of birth, then you must be retired now, so the sleeping thing wont bother you, cos you can just snoooooooooze on eh :) :)

Pete :)


The nausea is very infrequent and I always eat something with the tablet so it's not a problem. You are quite right I have retired but I do work 1 day each week. I suffer the opposite to you re sleeping I only manage 5/6 hours a night. I will finish the course. Thanks for your reply


The clinical trials for Chantix (the US version of Champix) when they were trying to get a licence to sell it as a quitting aid were heavily rigged in looking favourable. The people taking part in the trials were 1. paid, 2. received indepth counselling and support, 3. were then given a further 3 months supply of Nicotine Replacement therapy when they finished the 3 month course of Chantix. Says it all, the same corrupt bunch of cheats that will be regulating e-cigs no doubt.

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You are such a star my friend and inspirational too x


I tried champix a few years ago. Side effects for both friend and myself were agitation. We were screaming at each other, which wasn't normal for us. Got off it. Niece tried it too She got social anxiety, and depression. We all told her to get off it. This happened in two weeks. Everyone is different.


Hi KC1946

I gave up on Champix 5 years ago, lasted 10 months, but only managed to take 3 weeks of the tablets, made me very exhausted and dare i say it, depressed. I just lost interest in everything, and everyone while i was on them!But everyone is different.

I am using a vape e cig now, and finding it brilliant.

Good luck on your quit journey. You have come to the right to place for support.

Al x


Hey KC, massive warm welcomes. This forum is amazing support! A happy little smoke free family


Hi KC1946, welcome to Quit Support :-)

You've certainly come to the right place for all the help you'll need, I'm sure :-)

Try and see this time round as an exciting journey - You are also about to jump aboard one of the most exciting fairground roller coaster rides ever, it will have its ups and downs but the ride comes to a final end eventually ;-)

Providing it is used properly, Champix works really well for those that it works really well for, if that makes sense :-/

Feeling low :-( agitated :x moody and generally down :-( is common when stopping smoking anyway, but may be magnified when using Champix. This doesn't happen to everyone though. However, if it does affect you in this way and is more than you feel you can deal with, then it may be worth speaking to your GP.

I have your quit date and so shall add you to our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner ;-)

Remember to stay positive and that we're with you all the way :D


When I took Champix I was pretty much the same as the people who described above. It didn't make me tired but neither did it actually work. I had already cut down to just 2 cigarettes a day when I started on Champix so it's difficult to say whether I naturally lost the urge to smoke. Well I didn't actually lose the urge to smoke, I just clung on for dear life struggling through each and every day, taking the advice of my smoking cessation "adviser" (I use the term adviser very, very loosely) and refusing to have any kind of nicotine replacement such as lozenges or anything. I started using it on 26 Jan last year and by the end of Feb I was climbing the walls so much I turned back to lozenges. I did carry on with the Champix as well but by April as I was coming close to the end of the course of champix I decided to stop taking it all together as I didn't feel it was serving any useful purpose and it made the lozenges all slimy and taste disgusting.

Having said that, there is someone at work who stopped smoking using Champix. She stopped just before me, probably at the beginning of January. She still isn't smoking and doesn't use any form of nicotine replacement therapy, e-cig or anything, so for her it did work. I believe that Champix has a very limited effect on helping people to stop, those who do succeed probably have as much will power and perseverance as the cold turkey quitter and that the Champix is merely a psychological placebo.

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