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After evening meal craving.

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Hi all,

I am finding that after my evening meal that my craving is horrendous, I knew this would be the worst one for me to give up. So I have now cut down to just 3 a day but deliberately not having any in the evening, which is when I would normally puff away like a chimney! So trying to change my habits so I stand a better chance of staying stopped this time. My actual quit date is 1st of February but due to buying a vape pipe contraption I have cut down from 20 to 5 and now 3 a day. Anyone else struggle with the one after meals? Any advice would be fab :)

Hope everyone is having a good evening x

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Hi Pinkie, sounds like you have a good plan already. I used the inhalator but I think your doing ok without. Stay strong. :)

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to jillygirl

Awww thank you. I feel a little bit of a fraud being on here until i actually quit, but just find the advice and stories a real help. x

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Hey PinkieZoom :-)

You're dong really well so far working towards your goal. If you stick to 1st February as your quit date and have an evening meal every night, then in theory you have 11 practises at not having that cigarette at this tme. You could have your meal and then do your dishes straight away, go and make yourself a nice cuppa and ponder over how lovely your food will taste once you stop smoking completely and your tastebuds begin to work properly ;-)

As JillyGirl says, you already sound like you have a good plan. You're in the driving seat of your own future and should be feeling really proud :D

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to EmJay

Thank you emjay,I think i will eat as soon as i get in from work, and then take the dogs out before it gets too dark, that should hopefully avoid the stupid voices in my brain saying "that was delicious, now you need a cigarette to complete it!" x

monky profile image

Aup Pinkie :) sooooo, you get horrendous cravings after your evening meal :o Well thats an easy one, dont have a flippin evening meal :D :D

You sound as if you have got your head screwed on gal and getting ready for your quit date :) A massive well done to you for getting down to 3 cigs a day now :) :) You flippin pat yourself on the back Pinkie.

Rite, evening meal !! perhaps when you have eaten it, chuck the pots in the sink, dishwasher or chuck em out the window, then put your hat and coat on and go for a little walk in the fresh air :) Try to do something a bit different than you normally do.

I know that was one of the hardest times for me, but I went out into my garage and dint half kick that poooooor mower :o and boy, did I tell it who's BOSS !! :D :D I think sometimes you have to get mad and just let all the anger, or what ever it is, out :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :)

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to monky

Hi Monky,

Thanks for the advice, i always do the dishes straight away and then normally have a brew and a fag, so I am going to take your advice, and as soon as the dishes are in the dishwasher, i will take the dogs out and hopefully that will help.

I have already stopped sitting in the kitchen in an evening, as that is the only place i smoked in the house, and this has helped for sure. Just need the nagging little voice in my head to "do one" after dinner lol!


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monkyAdministrator in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hey Pinkie, you know when you put your dishes in the dish washer, WELL chuck that flippin nagging voice in with them as well :o :D :D

Job sorted gal :) :)

Next question !!

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Jmcf81 in reply to monky

Haha chuck the pots out the window brilliant! You'll be saving money from not smoking but spending a fortune on getting new windows :-)

monky profile image
monkyAdministrator in reply to Jmcf81

Hmmmmm, I've thought a great deal about that Niall :o and I have come to the conclusion that, we should perhaps open the window first, before chucking our pots out of it eh :o :|

What do you think pal !!

Erm, I havnt really got the hang of chucking the pots out the window, without breaking them yet, soooo any thoughts on that idea would be much appreciated :D :D :D

Hey, you take care now, your doing just great pal :) :)

Jmcf81 profile image
Jmcf81 in reply to monky

Haha yeah we should def open the window first!

I've though about the pots problem and think we can now start using these:

The portions will be smaller but sure that's great as most people are worried about putting on weight when they stop smoking :-)

Rosslyn20 profile image

I find after meals a pain and atfter my breakfast am goin to have another go at stopping tomoro coz made a few changes to prepare myself good luck

Pinkiezoom profile image
Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to Rosslyn20

Hey hun,

Good luck to you too, hope today goes ok for you, i have decided to try a smoke free day today, just as practice for the 1st of feb, i am still "vaping" and it has made me lose interest in the real thing! so thought grab the bull by the horns, i am ok after breakfast, but tonight will be a challenge after dinner, i am thinking of taking up cross stitch to keep me busy lol x

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EmJayPartner in reply to Rosslyn20

Bestest of wishes to you too for today Rosslyn20, give us a shout if we can help :-)

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Rosslyn209 MONTH WINNER in reply to EmJay

Ah tks am nt doing to bad now bn using th strips made some changes even banned my husband from smoking in th yard now but am jst tkn it one day at a time now be goin to fag ends soon to Helen n I dnt knw the other girls name but they're very good hopefully my reading will be lower thn last week now even if I did hve a cple yesterday jst because they were there thn am going to tke dog for a walk round th lake so am feeling bit more positive now oh n my names Pauline this is a brill site x

EmJay profile image
EmJayPartner in reply to Rosslyn20

That's great to hear Pauline, glad to know you like our community too ;-) I think it is Claire that is usually with Helen... Let us know how yo get on today and we'll keep you supported alongside your Fag Ends group. Enjoy your walk, but wrap up warm as it looks like it is raining again now :-)

Rosslyn20 profile image
Rosslyn209 MONTH WINNER in reply to EmJay

Ah forgot to say meditating to but I do fall asleep wen I do ha :)

Rosslyn20 profile image
Rosslyn209 MONTH WINNER in reply to EmJay

Hiya went to fag ends and my reading today ws a 4 last week it ws 19 I think so am absolutely made up the other girl wdnt there today Claire as I asked Helen her name so I knw now I ws a bit late getting there bt wdnt of missed it coz the girls do such a good job so I treated meself to a chocolate Freddo with a cuppa and then took both my dogs out for a walk even in the rain now am goin to do a little crystal healing on myself before me tea tks for the help n support it give me th xtra push I needed

Always suffer after breakfast and evening meal worse times of the day so try to keep focused by doing things I would not normally do but I agree it's bloody hard at times x keep going my friend you can do this x

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