3 weeks 1 day 21 hours $302.05 saved!

3 weeks 1 day 21 hours $302.05 saved!

G'day everyone :) thought I'd check in on this stinking hot day down under!! Most of Australia is in the grips of a heatwave. My partner and I spent the day with friends down at Lake Rosebery on the west coast of tassie in 37C (98.6 Fahrenheit) heat. It was certainly the place to be sitting on a camp chair in waist deep water drinking a couple of cold beers watching our friends kids skiing!

A couple of things struck me today.

1. Today was the first time I've woken up and not even thought of having a smoke!

2. On the hour and a half drive it was so nice to not have the car stinking of smoke. Normally my partner and I would smoke 5 or 6 on the way! (Yep he's still smoke free too!)

3. Normally at 'the lake' my man and I would have to segregate ourselves often to go and have a chuff as he and I were the only smokers amongst all our friends. Today we were able to just sit and relax and end enjoy our time with our friends plus the wild tassie wilderness scenery.

Anyway I'm going to sign off. Hope you are all well and happy and keeping warm. We have another few days of very very hot weather ahead so I'll be trying to keep cool as best I can :)

Cheers Mardi xxx

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  • Sounds like the positives of stopping are really working out for you. And I'm very jealous of your beautiful weather. It's 1℃ here

  • Hi Muddles, Sounds like your enjoying your new found smokefree lifestyle. I know when I used to smoke It was always at the back of my mind of how I was going to sneak off for a smoke. Its so nice to be able to relax.

    Take care from chilly England. :) :)

  • Hey Mardi, how fab to hear how well you are doing! Your 4 week winners badge is almost on it's way to you. How quick has that come around?!

    You've reached a real positive milestone in your stopping smoking journey, which is not thinking about smoking when you first wake up :-)

    Please, please remember though that no matter how well you are doing, continue to take your chosen therapy (Champix in your case).

    Big huge congratulations to both you and your partner :-)

    Meanwhile, with regards to the weather - I really do appreciate all seasons - however, a little spot of warm sunshine with a few beers would be greatly received....


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