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2 weeks 1 day 21 hours $209.64 saved!!

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Just thought I'd check in! I love reading all the banter you guys have. Bit hard for me to take part with the different time zone but oh well........you guys amuse the crap outta me anyway :)

So.....as you can see I'm still persevering. Feeling awesome!!! My partner is now on day 2 himself. It's so much easier without him puffing away. Plus he's doing great. Has even joined me and our adorable black Labrador on our daily walk :)

Weather here is awesome! 22deg Celsius....sunny and warm! People often scoff at the bad weather Tasmanians contend with. But after watching the news tonight I think we might be the lucky ones. To all of you in the UK I hope you are keeping dry and no property damage. Plus looking at the USA.....omg that's cold!!!!!

Anyway.....that's my check in...........keep smoke free guys!!!!!!

Cheers Mardi xxx

11 Replies
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Hi Mardi over 2 weeks is great, and I am so pleased your partner has joined you. I know my hubby quit about 10 years ago and i carried on smoking, it cant have been easy for him. Glad your weather is good. like you say verrrrrrry cold in USA. Have a good day, or evening. xxx :)

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Thanks Jill :)

I'm now wondering how I could have been so naive thinking that I could fool my blind brother into thinking I didn't smoke!! The poor guy.....he's obviously just learned over the years not to say anything about how bad I stink!! Well when I see him next he will know for sure that I now don't and I probably owe him an apology for the times I snapped at him "of course I don't smoke!!" I've tried to hide my addiction for probably 20 years from my family but I now realize that they must all have known. I thought I hid it so well by not having a smoke for an hour or so before I saw them and sucking on a mint :/. Omg.......I was a dope!! IT STINKS!!!!!!!

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Hey Mardi :D

Wowser, you are doing so well money savings wise and are just coming up the path and almost into Day 3 of your 3rd week :D

We are a bit of a crazy bunch here but don't hold that against us :-/

Great to hear that your partner has decided to quit too, it's much better to be able to support each other. Just be prepared to 'up' the support when / if one of you feels lower than the other. Remembering that any cravings / recovery symptoms will last only a matter of minutes - so that's the time you need to 'ride through' and you'll be fine :-)

Weather isn't too bad for us here in Liverpool at the minute. It has been raining throughout the night but seems quite bright otherwise. It seems to be down South (Andi's neck of the woods) that is on all kinds of weather watch at the minute.

Keep on keeping on and you'll be into your 4th week before you know it :-)

Remember that you can do this :-)

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to EmJay

Haha emjay I love reading all your posts. And thank you :). I'm feeling pretty proud of myself to be honest. Am looking at joining the local gym. I go walking for 5 kms every day but now that I can get a full 'lung full' I'm thinking the gym is my next project! The money I've saved so far will well and truly cover it :)

As for my partner.....yep I'm very proud of him. We had our first beers smoke free tonight.......was tough but we did it :).

Glad the weather is not too bad for you......and I hope andi is keeping dry feet!! Also everyone else.......stay afloat. Thinking of you all xxx

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Rainbowlilybet9 MONTH WINNER

Wow. That's so much money saved. You never think when you are buying cigs and I guess we push out of our mind just how much we're spending. Well done

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to Rainbowlilybet

Thanks rainbow and yes I know!!! I felt rather smug at the supermarket tonight.......the lady in front of me was doing her fortnightly shop. Her groceries came to just under $300. By the time she added in cigarettes it came to $598!!!!!!! It made me feel ill to think that that is just what I've been doing.

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Hi Mardi. Glad you've got over the 2 weeks now and partner joining you. I thought there was a bit of a heatwave going on downunder but I guess that's on the mainland. My brother says that any storms they get just go round them and 2 days ago the nearby hill had 55mls of rain and they had none! I've only been back a week and I'm so fed up with the weather already and looking forward to getting back out of here in a couple of days. :) My friend wondered why I wanted to come back from that nice warm weather over there.

If you go out for a beer over there, they've made it so difficult to have a smoke at the same time these days so I bet you find it a relief that you don't have to find the right place to have one. :o :)

It's only when you stop smoking that you realise how bad the smell is and you can smell a smoker at 50 paces. Having said that, I never used to smell when I smoked either. ;-) :D :D

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to andi22

Haha I hear you there andi.......only the dirty ones stank. I smelled like roses ;)

You're right the weather here is crazy........Queensland had horrific storms last night after record heat while we have had snow not an hour from where I live. Guess the whole world has gone crazy weather wise tho.

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Lovely to hear from you you make me giggle at times, well done you what a star and good to hear your partner has joined you will make it easier for you both. cracking weather you are having there, horrible here, still managing most days to get out for a walk though, you keep strong you're doing so very well over 2 weeks fantastic x

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to Kaprin

Thanks for your reply kap :). And you're doing so well too!!!!!

Noticed on our walk this morning that I no longer puff on the uphill bits!! Woohoo!!!!

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Kaprin in reply to Muddles

Really great news keep going 2 more weeks and at 3 months still can't believe it!

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