Stopped for over 4 months

I thought I'd share my story of how I stopped smoking 4 months ago. I'd been an on and off smoker through my teens and full time since university. I say full time as, to me, smoking was a full time preoccupation. I used to smoke a 12.5 gram pouch of tobacco daily. My first roll up would as soon as I got up, and each day ended with my last . I spent my days juggling when I could smoke, it seriously was my number one priority, even above food. I would fuel myself with cigarettes and black coffee. Deep down I hated what smoking was doing to me and how it made me feel about myself but day to day it was my companion.

I didn't pro actively decided to stop. I guess I had always thought that I would stop one day, but that was always in my future. Two things came together which lead me to stopping, I had a horrible flu/ chest infection around the same time as moving into a new house. The flu laid me up in bed for one day, a day when I felt so bad I for once didn't even think about smoking. The next day I thought to myself, the pattern is broken, why not keep up no smoking. I then engaged into thoughts about how my life would improve. I did experience withdrawals and cravings during which I told myself that each one I get through, the easier it will get and the further my tobacco "friend" would be from me. I started seeing these withdrawals as challenges worthy of reward once beaten! I started spending money on myself, treating myself kinder, buying nicer food. After 3 weeks I barely thought about cigarettes. I stopped avoiding situations that I previously would have as they would have interfered with my smoking such as going to the cinema. I've started going to a gym. I look forward to eating out and not leaving the table to smoke. I can say that stopping smoking has been the most life changing behaviour change I've ever made. It feels so great to take control back. I honestly do not miss them one bit. Its now been for months and I cannot wait to continue realising the benefits!

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  • What a great story keep up the great work, I have been stopped 30 days today and it is beginning to get easier now, hoping the worst is over, although this awful dry cough I have is driving me mad particularly during the night when all you want to do is sleep

  • I had a similar cough and also coughing up large unexpected amounts of mucus. Thankfully that's stopped now and I'm far less wheezy. I just kept telling myself "this is bearable, this my body healing", and that type of self talk really helped me. It sounds like you're doing really well, keep going!!

  • Tobias, Thank you so much for sharing your quit story with us all. I am sure this will encourage others on this site.

    I too quit in a similar way to you , due to chest infections. (jillys story) Its great that we can all support each other.

    WELL DONE! on 4 months. as a non smoker. :)

  • Hi Tobias35, welcome to our online stop smoking community and thank you for sharing your story :-)

    It's stories like yours that helps others to realise that they are not going through this alone :-)

    I have to say that I totally agree with you that it's the positive self talk that counts - What to say when you talk to yourself is well worth thinking about and even planning . We all do it, sometimes some of us even do it outside of our minds!

    Welcome aboard :-)

  • Aup Tobias, and a massive well done to you for getting to 4 Months quit :) AND, for getting YOUR body and mind back :) :)

    A great quit story too, and am sure it will help a lot of others on here too :) You stay positive now and stay free of the little white sticks :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Hello Tobias35

    A fellow 4 monther - we share the same quit time so VERY WELL DONE to us both.

    My story is Numerous Sign Posts and comments got me to STOP, including a local who was praying for me to stop & looking at "Damage caused by smoking on google". Yeah... it is JUST SO GREAT TO BE FREE FROM THAT HORRIBLE ADDICTION and to be able to start LIVING LIFE AGAIN.

    Best wishes fellow 4



  • I'm going to catch you up, I'm going to catch you up! Well done you two that's a great story Tobias

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