Crazy little thing called stress!

Stress, I find, is a funny creature. Sneaks up unexpectedly to bite your behind when you think that you have everything completely under control and that nothing, absolutely nothing, can break your resolve to never ever smoke again. Not two weeks after celebrating 5 months smoke free life has taken a twist and I find myself automatically craving relief with that horrible little blighter nicotine. I very much doubt I will succumb thanks to amazing support from my partner who quite unimpressed with my 'oh my god I need a cigarette' outburst just said 'really honey? What a waste of effort that would be'. Part of me is really cross at his easy dismissal of my plight but secretly it makes me laugh as he us right, Mr Impractical is actually making sense without realising it! Sp my question is how do other people cope with stress and ensure it doesn't ruin the quit attempt regardless of how long it has been? Brightest blessings to all :)

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  • Very occassionally, if I'm with someone, I'll say to them "I could just do with a fag now!" I just say it for a laugh really, to hear what comment comes back. I know I won't ever smoke again. ;-) :D :D

  • That's great Andi :) keeping a sense of humour over these things really helps to put it in perspective and isn't it fab to be able to say 'I'll never smoke again'? :)

  • Aup Lily :)

    Its great to see ya again gal, over 5 flippin months quit now toooooooo Whoooooopy flippin dooooooo :) Hey you've got a lovely partner there gal, someone who knows how hard it is to quit :) :)

    Now then we come to STRESS !! hmmmm, am not sure about that gal, I think we all have different ways of dealing with it :o I myself have only got 1 brain cell, so it's perhaps easier for me eh :o :D You have to drum it into your head, that you've beat nic, and, you aint going back to him !!

    NONE = not one nic ever :) :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • I am the crazy little thing called stress. I am stress epitomised. The thing that keeps me from starting smoking again is the fact that this really is the last time I am ever attempting this mammoth task. I'm not ever repeating this horrendous, long, drawn out nightmare EVER again. If I start smoking again I may as well write myself a death sentence cos there is no way I am putting myself through this again. Y'know having just written that down I am now beginning to think that maybe Jillygirl is right, is it really nicotine addiction I'm suffering now or have I just gone completely mad during my quit attempt and have now completely lost focus, if not the plot :o

  • sinfree, you lost it agesssssss ago gal :o :P :D :D :D

    Hey, I know what you mean gal, cos its bin an hard slog, to get to where we want to be eh :(

    Take care Sinfree :) :)

  • :D :D Yes, well worth some sort of gold medal don't you think? I think we should get honoured by the Queen :)

  • Yes, Andy Murray got an OBE for services to tennis, well I think we should get an OBE for services to the NRT industry.

  • I agree with sinfree, the very thought of trying to do this again at a different point in time is enough to stop me thinking of turning back. Stress is all a state of mind, so when it raises it's ugly head just STOP, take a deep breath,and start again when you feel a bit more in control.I'm the queen of stress and it really gets you nowhere (like worrying as well, no point in that either) Don't even think of throwing away (that's what it would be) 5 months. Just try and keep smiling.

  • I couldn't just couldn't agree with you more! No way I'm I doing this to myself again... :)

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