The Girl who would never give up smoking, that was what people use to say 120 days now

Where do I start I have always smoked looking at 20+ a day, every excuse under the sun not to give up, To stressed I will wait until that day of course that day never happened, cant stop now it will ruin my holiday, aww well I might as well as have a smoke no one knows, Kidding myself everyday. My mom had a heart attack in Feb, she has never Smoked drank in her life, Going to the doctors appointments with her afterwards I just suddenly thought Who am I kidding, I am killing myself, I joined fagends for the 3rd time and the lady asked me one word that sums up how I feel about smoking and the penny dropped "GUILT" I felt "GUILTY" about smoking I felt "GUILTY" for buying them and it was a vicious circle, wow revelation time, I was putting my ciggies before buying food for the children, I was putting ciggies before buying nice things for my house my pride and joy, and worst of all I was putting my life in danger and I have 2 Beautiful girls, one who will need me for the rest of her life, I have to think of her she doesnt need me to be ill she did not ask to be born with a condition I was born healthy and look what I am doing to who ever reads this story Know i have used all the excuses, find your key word and re claim your life back. Hope this letter helps someone.

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  • That's a very heartfelt post so thanks for sharing this with us. Well done on quitting smoking and staying stopped. Every day is a chance to reclaim your life and your health, look forward to all the great things that lie ahead of you now you have stopped. Stay feeling this positive about your present and your future and basque in the great feeling of knowing you are free from something that made you feel so bad

  • Thank you I'm so pleased I have done it and actually been able to do it it's a wonderful feeling

  • Than you ssssoooo much for sharing your story.I agree that the cigs do come before everything when you're smoking.I had to give up working for health reasons and felt guilty for using hubbies hard earned cash to keep me in cigs, I was spending around £27.00 a week but justified it by telling myself that because I was in pain I needed the cigs.I think the best day of my life was when I saw my back surgeon who said if I was really serious about my surgery I would stop smoking, so here I am nearly 4 weeks on and smoke free.So far so good, cravings are getting fewer & fewer and I just feel good about myself.I've actually achieved something and feel that if I can do this then anything is possible. Miracle 123 just know that you are an inspiration to many many people & huge congrats on 120 days.

  • Thank you I hope my story can help, we all justify with silly reasons why we smoke and really we don't need them, stay strong and even if you save that £27 this week and buy your self a new dressing gown for the surgery it has not got any tobacco smells, keep in touch you can and will do it

  • Hiya Miracle, I wish you a big warm welcome to this lovely quit smoking site and a fantastic, gigantic well done to you for reaching 120 days quit :) :)

    Like the gals have said, thankyou sooooo much for posting this, cos am sure it will help many others who are trying to quit :) I suspect nearly all of us, including myself, have made all those excuses of yours not to quit smoking !!

    You have found Guilty as your key reason for quitting :) well I have found mine, I WANT MY BODY BACK !! I have decided that fags cant have it any more :o COS I WANT IT :) :)

    Like you say, I think we all have to find something to trigger us on the quit trail, and to keep us on it, FOR GOOD :) :)

    Erm, I dont know why you have called yourself Miracle123 gal, cos its no miracle that you have quit smoking, its alllllllll your doing, YOU have made the decision, and YOU HAVE DONE IT !!

    Hope to speak soon, Pete :)

  • Inspirational, thank you, I think everything has already been said, this site and people's stories are really keeping me going with my intent, in previous attempts I have always waivered but everytime I come across someone like you I am encouraged to keep on keeping on, well done you, and Yellow wow . :0

  • Wonderful post. thank you for sharing. why dont you pop it on to the quit stories catergory. :)

  • Hi jillygirl thought it was in will look at it when Im on the computer have a good day

  • Sorry missed it my mistake. :)

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