7 months and counting

Good Morning all

Well 7 months now and really not to much of a problem, smoked 30 a day for 40 years. At the age of 57 I just decided to stop . If I am honest did not really cause me a big problem I just stopped no aids to help, sometimes even now I have a naughty thought about having a fag hehehe but that's about it.

I really don't understand why it was so easy for me to stop it was just in my head that now was the time, and being I am as tight as a ducks arse I just refused to pay over Β£6 for a packet of fags that was slowly killing me . You have to hand it to the Tabaco company's that's some business they have there supplying a product that' addicts people and even when we all know it harms our health still we use and pay a lot of money for there products.

Hey its not all positive, I have gained 3 stone in weight over the past 7 months but I am also in control of that now and slowly started to control my eating .I joined this site when I first stopped smoking I have not been here since, but today wanted to come here and tell you all well done stick with it, if you are gaining weight don't stress your body will settle down and you can lose the weight .

Good luck to you all

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  • Good morning Phildalton,

    Thank you so much for sharing your positive and good news. 7 months is a great achievement. I am sure you will encourage others . You are so right about the tobacco companies. But we can beat this nicotine addiction with people like you . thanks again. :)

  • Hi Phildalton,

    that is absolutely brilliant to hear :D :D A huge well done to you!

    I'm sure combating the weight challenge will be a walk in the park for you :D :D



  • Hi Phil and well done to you. :) It seems to be mainly people of a "certain" age that comes on and shares their quit tale. You sound just the same as me - cold turkey and still fancy one every now and again, but know that you won't. Stick with it, it keeps on getting easier. I put on nearly a stone and am just about back to where I was a year ago now, not quite back to when I first quit yet but am still working hard on that. :)

  • Hey great news, yes it was largely money for me too. Thanks for sharing

  • 7months WOW, that surely is,some achievement.Just good to hear that it will get better.WELL DONE.

    Loosing the weight will be easy for you just stick at it.

  • Aup Phil, its great to see you again, and great to hear that your now 7 months quit pal, thats just ACE :) :)

    You are obviously a very determined person, so I shouldnt think that getting rid of a few pounds will bother you too much eh :) Stick with it Phil, erm just wondering if you have worked out how much you have saved over the past 7 Months ?? :)

    Pete :)

  • Superb news! Well done Phil, you must be feeling amazing being able to breathe better and having spent 7 months without poisoning your body. You can loose the weight easily, buddy up with a mate and do exercise together, it's a great motivation to have someone else or do sit ups every time you get a craving. Like you I've gone cold turkey after reading Alan Carr and watching lots of Joel Spitzer videos on You Tube. For me its only 12 days in but I feel great! Loving not smoking : ) Have a good wkend all

  • WOW, what an achievement, you are truly a non smoker now :-) I am in ore of you.

    But hey - One Day !! :-)

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