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FRIDAY/ DAILY CHAT./ 23/08/2013

FRIDAY/ DAILY CHAT./  23/08/2013

Friday morning and feeling fine,


Old Mr Nic, this body is mine,


I`m feeling good, i`m feeling healthy,

So old Nic go away, now i am wealthy,


You squeeze us and tease us, until we give in,

Theres only one place for you ,and that is the bin.


Your not going to win , your out of my head

Go far far away and stay there instead.


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Morning Jilly + everybody else

Great images Jilly to get the brain (if it still works) into the correct frame of mind.

Smoking Kills - quickly or slowly (depending on your luck).

All those cigs I had & looking at, in big letters, SMOKING KILLS on the packet - you would think I might have put 1 & 1 together which = STOP.

Pete - great you are back because - we are on the winning team / side together.

Had a great evening last night to celebrate my daughter doing so well in her exams - we went for a picnic in some local National Trust gardens ... very peaceful & relaxing and able to say "WELL DONE" seriously / properly (& I was smoke free).

I think I am at last levelling out - madness getting less / more manageable BUT I do not know what is round the corner or when I will get Craving or be tempted !!!!!

As Jilly says above "old Mr Nic this body in mine" YES to this. Give up and get your body & mind back and in the end peace of mind (maybe // one day!!!!!!!).

Good luck to everyone about to quit or just quit - GO FOR IT

and have a great day all NON Smokers (like me!!!).

Best wishes




P.S. At 7:30 am tomorrow it will be 4 weeks

+ those 20 days before that 1 day relapse.


Hi All. Well it's 21 and half weeks since my last Cig. I'm amazed that I have done so well as I have little will power. Off next weekend on my second smoke free holiday...on a narrow boat Yippee!!!! Back to work after that for 2 weeks then off for about 6 weeks for my op so hoping to say hi to all you strong people more often

Have a great smoke free day

Sue xx


Hello Sue, Wow it doesn't seem 2 minutes ago you were on 21 days , now look at you 21 nearly 22 weeks of being a non smoker. BIG well done. . Take care.xx


Happy Friday Everyone :-)

Love your poem JillyGirl, you've come up with a fair few now. How about I pop a category up for stopping smoking poems? :D

Also, if there are any categories that anybody would like to see, let me know and I'll get it sorted :-)

BunnySue, huge congratulations to you, your 6 month mark will be here before you know it :D :D

Jonathan, shall look forward to celebrating your 4 weeks with you tomorrow. Those extra 20 days have helped you to get this far. Remember what you learnt from it :-)

Remember that we walk with the walkers and run with the runners. Everything is taken at everyone's own individual pace.

You are all winners :-)


Hi Emjay . Yeah may be we can have a poets corner. That would be good. Still don't know if we can get tags.


Hi Emjay

Can I NOT go from 0 (zero) to 100 mph in a few seconds ?

Just promoted myself but maybe I need to be careful ....

Sorry - good to hear the voice of REASON.

Best Jonathan

P.S. We are all winners whether thinking about it, starting or quit.


You deserve a promotion . got to have a new title though. erm? how about :-



Good evening all :) :)

Thats me finished until next Tuesday Yippeeeee flippin Dippeeeee Doooooo Daaaaaaa :) :) :D :D Although its started raining now ave got home :( :P but thats how it goes eh :o

Rite off to read todays comments, back soon, :)


Hey Jillygirl, todays opening is just fantabilisooe gal :) just love the poem and pics :) I reckon you've got talent gal :) erm, am not sure what in, but am sure you've got it :o :| :D :D

I hope you had a nice relaxing day Jillygirl :) :)


Hi Jonathan, am so so glad you had a lovely evening with your Daughter, AND smokefree tooooooo :)

I'm glad things are getting easier for you, and that you havnt quite turned loopy eh :o :D :D A massive well done to you for tomorrow at 7.30 am, 4 weeks quit hurrayyyyyyyyyyy :) :) :)


Speak soon pal :)


Aup BunnySue, its lovely to see ya again gal :) :) and a great big well done to you tooooooo, for getting to 21 weeks quit :) :)


I know you said 21 and a half weeks, but I reckon you girls add a bit on, when us blokes arnt looking :o :P :D :D :D


Hi Pete, glad I caught you before going to get ready for bed. Bet your ready for a good long break.



Hi Jillygirl :)

I thought you would be in the land of nodd by now gal :) :) and yep, am ready for the weekend break :) whether it shines or poors, am still going to enjoy it :) :)

Nite nite Jillygirl, you take care now gal and have a lovely sleep :) and dont flippin dream about stripping wallpaper eh :o :D :D :D luvs ya :) xxxxx


Hi ya Emjay, as always, its lovely to see ya gal :)

It would be great if you could pop up a category for Jillygirls stop smoking poems :) hmmm not quite sure what category means, but it sounds good gal :| :D :D

Nite nite Emjay and everybody, I hope you all enjoy your sleep and any dreams you may have :) see ya tomorrow :) xx


Night Pete. sweet dreams. xxxxxxx :)


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