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Good morning , how are you this Sunday?

Bit quiet on here yesterday, but at least everyone seems happy and not struggling too much.

S = for Sunday but there are plenty more words beginning with S. which word would you pick out and why.

Mine is smoke-free because it means keeping healthy and happy.





























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Good morning Jilly on this lovely, lovely day.

I would pick silver. Since giving up smoking my sense of smell has improved so much and the nicest thing is that at this time of the year, in particular, there are so many natural smells to pick up on. Last night, about 10.30, I made a cup of tea and went outside to sit for a while with a view to looking up at the stars and breathing in the night air with my improved sense of smell. Would you believe, that after a day spent dealing with my cupboard mountain, I looked up at the sky, only to see an enormous white cloud rapidly covering up the stars. I kept looking for the end of it and thinking I'll just stay out here a bit longer, but no end in sight so I had one last look up and said out loud the following. Every cloud has a silver lining and as you are such a big cloud, it has to be a very big lining. And not a whiff of cigarette smoke in sight which really is a very big silver lining indeed.

The contents of my cupboard is sitting on the floor right now. Isn't it amazing how much stuff can get crammed into a cupboard so I had better crack on with getting rid of as much of it as possible.

Hope you continue to make good progress with the wall paper stripping Jilly.

Have a brilliant day everyone.

Sally... :)


Hi Sally, you are so right about enjoying smokefree environment. Things do smell fresher and cleaner. Well I hope you manage to finish your cleaning and tidying. My gran used to say "there`s a place for everything and everything in its place "

Just thought of another S. "stripping." so back to it. :D


Hi Jillygirl, Sally and all :) :)

I would pick Support, cos on this site there is loads of it and without the support you have all given me, I would never have got to nearly 10 weeks quit now :) So I send you all a super super thanks for the help & support you have given me :)

Jillygirl, enjoy your erm, stripping :o :D

Sally enjoy your sorting out :)

Back soon, Pete :)


You are very welcome Pete and well done for nearly being at the 10 week mark. :)


Hello Pete, How are you doing. I tell you what 10 weeks has flown by your doing great. I know you have found it hard but your a true fighter and never give in. Keep on going James Bond, its certainly NOT mission impossible your proving that.


Hows the lumpy gravy today. I would love a roast dinner, but until the kitchen is done up I aint got an oven. Well I have but not fit to put food in. The one they left in the flat would certainly give you lumpy gravy (rusty lumps). So simple meals for a while longer or go to the pub for a meal :) (good excuse) :)


Jillygirl, go to the flippin pub gal, its much much easier :) :)

Plus, no washing up :) :) :|


Hi there, I have come to the conclusion that S = Sleep. Sunday is sleepy day so if no one is playing out this evening my S = Sulking :( so signing off for tonight, :) luvs ya all.

Wont be on a lot tomorrow as son in law in hospital and my daughter in hospital. both have operations tomorrow. so child minding . nite nite, xx


Hey Jillygirl, I will play with you :) :) :) :) :) as long as your not sulking :P :D :D

In all the time I have known you, not once have I known you to sulk !! So I say, S is for shappy, which interpreted, just for you, means SUPER HAPPY :D :D :D :D

OK your new flat is a bit erm, crap, BUT, YOU make it, fix it, sort it, to your want's, needs etc :) :) When you have finished it, it will seam so so homely :) :) cos you have made it what YOU want it to be :) :)

As for your Son in law and your Daughter, is it Sarah ? they will be in the best hands, people that know what they are doing :) :) as they did with you :) :) Huggs and love on their way to you rite this minute :)

Take care Jillygirl, and please take care of hubby eh, cos I bet he's hurtin as much as you are gal.

Nite nite Jillygirl, try to get some sleep eh :) loves ya loads gal, I dooooooo :) xxxxxx


Pete you know me I am not sulking. Bless you for being so caring. As for the flat I know it will be lovely once we have sorted it out. Signing off now. don't you work too hard. loves ya loads toooooo. xx :) nite nite.


Ooooooo Jillygirl, I wished I lived a bit closer to you gal, cos then I could help you with your new flat :)

Ha ha, you know what Jillygirl, I would love a place like that, cos then I could get stuck into it :o and get it sorted as I / we would want it to be :)

Enjoy Jillygirl :) :) xxxxx


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