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Holiday Monday...


Morning everyone,

Was up at 5.45, Joiners here now bashing my house about... Hope they don't bash nails through my ceilings as they did last time... grrr!

Quite warm here, about 12 degrees, which is exceptionally good for up here - cloudy, but who cares if it's comfortably warm at last.

6 weeks today for me - going okay so far. Clothes feeling a bit tighter, so had best get off to that " killer" Aerobics class today, and leave this noisey dusty place for a while.

Have a lovely Holiday Monday folks,

Gill, xx

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Morning Gill

Congratulations on 6 weeks, tremendous, bit early for cracking open the bubbly (never drink before lunchtime :) ) but can I join you for a celebratory cuppa? :

Very early start on the building work! Still, the sooner it's started the sooner it will be finished.Something to look forward to :)

Just gonna peep behind the blinds.....

Yes!!! The sun's out here!!

cleopetra2 YEAR WINNER

Morning Gill and Betts.

Firstly, it is a beautiful start to the day here. Congratulations on reaching 6 weeks Gill. Very well done to you.

Secondly, you seem to have had a similar problem to me Betts, 6 good mornings to I tried to send a message from my iPad just now and it kept telling me it couldn't send. Did you have a similar problem? The joys of the internet.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Sally :)


Good morning Gill and everyone,

Well done on reaching 6 weeks :) I hope your building work goes okay, and they finish it soon.

It's warm here in Dundee but no sun yet, it's cloudy but at least i can take the thermals off :D :D

I hope you have a great day :)

Did you say this 6 times for emphasis Betts :D :D, I think this site might be playing up a bit it has taken me ages to get on here :o. I'm glad you have the sun, hope it stays all day for you, have a good one :)

I'm having a lazy day today, the past few days has wiped me out, good news is that my daughter is getting home today :) so no more trips to the hospital, at least till my own appointments :o :)

Have a brill day everyone, whatever your doing :) xx

Hidden in reply to sue52

Good news about your daughter Sue. Aww look at you with your new profile pic, he's lovely. This site has been pretty slow all day, must be having it's own bank holiday rest. :D


Good morning mad,

I love you picture :) :) I hope you have a great day :)


Good afternoon , it was going to be morning but gremlins wouldn't let me on.

So a bit late now gill but put in the ear plugs and enjoy a drink. :)

Betts I thought you were posting 6 times this morning one for each week gill had quit. :D

Sue , so pleased your daughter is coming home. Now you can start being a Granny full time. enjoy. :)

Hi Mad, great picture. have a good day.

John :-

Hi Sally , seems we have all been affected by the gremlins. Have a lovely day.

Off for a walk now. Then its tea at my daughters. so see you all later. :)


Hi Jillygirl,

I hope you have a lovely walk, and a great time at your daughters :) Hopefully the gremlins will have left by the time you get back :)

Hi Sally Sue mad John and all!

Yep, jillygirl, that's it, 6 times for each week :) :) :)

Can't say congratulations too many times, eh :) :) :)

It's a beautiful day, and it's been great to read the posts, and see these pictures. You are so good at finding these! :)

Just going to post this the once, for effect :) :) :) :) :) :)

Have a wonderful sunny, happy smoke-free day !



Hi Betts,

What a time i'm having trying to get on here, i just hope this posts.

I hope you have a happy sunny day too :) The sun has just started to come out here so i might get out in a bit :) x


Gremlins here, gremlins there,

flippin gremlins everywhere.

Tell them to go annoy some other site

we dont need them here and we will put up a fight.

Will set our quit support dog to scare them away

Then it will be safe for us all to come on line and play.

sue523 YEAR WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Good one Jillygirl, you scare them away :D :D :) xx


Hope you had a nice walk John :)

I'm going out now to visit mydaughter and gorgeous grandson; I'll see you all later :) xx


Just checking in with everyone to see if you are all OK and have enjoyed the day. Been back from the car show for about an hour or so and the flipping gremlins were working overtime this am - so frustrating and annoying and even now they are still about.

Hope everyone had a good day and enjoyed tghe weather - there is definitely a pink tinge to me!

Have a good evening everyone.



hi kath, hope the car show went well. including the sparkly engine. and the sun stayed out for you in Dewsbury. Yep gremlins must have been out in full force.



Thanks - A lot of happy people enjoying the sunshine including us!

Definitely an echo about today!

Hope you enjoyed your walk!



We're certainly having a lot of fun with the gremlins today - not posting, printing the same reply twice and now missing bits - unless of course I didn't type it in the first place but 99% certain I did.

Great day at the car show thank you - the sparkly engine went down a treat with most folk!

Wonder what the gremlins will do with this one?


Betts in reply to Hidden

Hi Kath

Very glad you had a good day at the car show. The weather was perfect for it if it was anything like here. We went out for a walk, and I could smell summer, the grass, the water by the river, the kids were yelping with delight in the shallow river, especially at the dog, who also loved it. It was a very very fine day!

I gave up on the site yesterday later on, so am a bit late with this.

Anyway, I hope you are having a good day today :) I am off to see a stop-smoking counsellor shortly, and very pleased to too. Having the odd wobbly bit, chewing the inhalator, but, hopefully getting there. Every day I manage I see as a great achievement.

Big hug coming your way :) :) xx

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

HI all

Still getting gremlin problems here too. Bettes....congratulations on 5 weeks are doing so well. Have a fun evening all. Gonna catch up on the site :-)

Sue xx

Good evening everyone. See you all got out and about and enjoyed the day and the sunshine. 8-) :) Me too - went for a lovely, peaceful walk in the country in Dorset. It's always best to steer clear of the seaside on nice Bank Holidays. Think we all caught the sun. :)

So, well done to Betts getting to 5 weeks - did you get that far last time? Also, that must mean that Suebun is there as well (-1 day, but hey, who's counting! :o ).

Well done to Gilly too with 6 weeks - and with the builders in! :)

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