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Could this possibly help someone?

I am the wife of a Vietnam PTSD diagnosed vet. I live in the U.S. Unfortunately, I do not know what the U.K. has to offer. I have been married for 45 years, and noticed as time goes by have good spells and bad spells with hubby. After a particularly rough spell that, for some reason got worse every day in the p.m., I got up one morning and decided to look up, and call a U.S. suicide hotline #, although suicide was not the problem. That was the best thing I could have done. I was told the suicide label was really inaccurate, and that this administration has opened up more avenues for Vets recently. The woman on the line was so incredibly helpful after talking with both of us in helping to get us over another rough patch, and some numbers for VA marriage counseling. You see, it is entirely true that no one understands PTSD. I, as a spouse of one, have a hard road to travel in my attempts to help my partner. In trying to reach out for help I had a tendency to vent to one of my two grown girls. I learned they feel that I was trying to turn them against their father, and took 100% blame for any problems we were experiencing at the time. That is a lonesome road to travel with no experience to go on for this problem. It made me feel that I was doing something wrong in speaking out to family, but the counselor on the phone told me that I should have been able to talk to my offspring. Wow, talk about feeling like there is some hope after all!