Who Has been Faced with this?

Has anyone ever dated a Guy that wasn't very supportive with PTSD? I was diagnosed with PTSD and I never fully went to counseling or took the time to recover. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago when I was getting out of the Military. The PTSD comes from Sexual Assault. Its starting to effect me more now then ever in my life. Sometimes I need reassurance but he tells me it isn't his Job??? Any input will Help!

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My ex was so unsupportive, he ended up making my situation worse. He tried to make me change - to wake me up - without realising that PTSD has changed me and already woken me up.

I always think of the marriage vows, in sickness and in health.....

of course someone should support you, whether healthy or ill. If they are serious about you and the relationship you have...

I would certainly seek support if you feel your life and work are being affected. You can gain some important tools. Even just finding a good friend to talk to and let out your concerns.

Talking here is a good place also :)