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Compiling Positive Experiences

A few friends and I attended a rodeo on the weekend in a city several miles away. It was very entertaining and the most amazing event was a 10 year old female stunt rider from New York who performed amazing feats on her moving horse. There was bull riding, barrel racing ... the whole gamut.

The evening before the rodeo a group of friends and myself gathered for a potluck dinner and enjoyed great food and fellowship and lots of laughter. One of my friends posted pictures of us all having fun on Facebook and every-time I look at those pictures I can't help chuckling to myself or laughing out loud.

I had not one troubling thought during these experiences. I understand that the brain changes according to experience and I am deliberately trying to enjoy focusing on pleasant things as opposed to those things which troubled me in the past. It is harder than it sounds but I'm willing to try any thing to move beyond the past.

These new experiences remind me that it is all about balanced perspective.

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It's nice to read about something positive. Keep up the good work.