Enjoying The Rain

In the midst of my struggle, today I allowed myself to enjoy a BBQ with friends despite the fact that it poured rain all afternoon. No one seemed to mind that we were all damp when we were hugging each other and laughing, we played a bunch of silly games and enjoyed a delicious meal that we shared with 170 visitors to our first ever Community BBQ. I can't remember the last time I felt free from anxiety and a melancholic mood to enjoy something as simple as meeting with friends while it rained. In the past, if it rained I would feel disappointed and let down but today was a blessing and a wonderful memory that I will treasure in the days ahead.

It is important for me to enjoy moments like this as an encouragement for all the hard work I have done and still have to do recovering.

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Congratulations on having some fun. Perhaps those occasions will become more and more frequent as your black clouds lift.


This is my hope, thanks Marlenam!