Trigger alert: waking up screaming etc. In the middle of the night

Hello, I have been waking up screaming. Sometimes feeling paralyzed and unable to move. Sometimes I bound out of bed. ..only to finally realize I'm ok and I'm in 2015. Then, shaken I try to go back to bed hoping I don't have another episode. I am frustrated, and scared. I don't know how to remedy this. I am on sleeping meds, I have tried anti anxiety meds, meditation, visualization etc. I grew up in an extremely abusive home and I have complex ptsd. Which is like the most severe you can get on ptsd scale If I understand correctly from my doc. Anyways, I still find myself waking up screaming etc. Any thoughts? Any words of encouragement?

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  • You're not alone. Many people on this forum have experienced that same things. I am glad you found us

  • Thanks. Is there any way I can stop this from happening again? I keep trying things yet it won't go away. I just want a normal life. Is there any hope thAt these things will go away like within a week after some treatment permanently?

  • Deliverd77, I have read many, many times of people suffering from nightmare. I can tell you it is not permanent but I personally do not suffer nightmare. Most of my difficult childhood is suppressed in my mind at this point of my recovery. I only remember a few of the bad events.

    Please be patient. I am sure someone with your experiences will log on soon and be able to give your their experience on how to deal with nightmares. If you click on the Search in the upper right of the forum and type in Nightmare you will find hundreds of posts with just that problem and the discussions below them. I just did that, and I was surprised. You are definitely not alone with this. Good luck to you.

  • Thank you

  • Hi Delived77,I've literally just joined this group and I saw your post.I know it's two months later but I suffered the exact same thing as you,wake screaming in the night,not sure where I was,sometimes unable to move.It generally happened when there was something going on for me in therapy,trying to work through something,I also have a very severe history of abuse.Generally if I could talk through my feelings and what was in my head it helped.Often I wouldn't know even what I was really thinking or feeling,but once I would start words would just pour out.I also wrote a lot in my diary,what would start off as something minor often led to me writing stuff that amazed would be like someone else had taken hold of my hand and was writing.But it and talking and crying did help the nightmares to abate...I've done 18 years of therapy and psychiatric hospital,still take antidepressant and sleeping tablet,sometimes anxiety meds if needed.But I am the best I've ever been.I do still have nightmares,but not the screams,still wake with a fright and have to leave the light on for the remainder of the night,but I've learned that when the nightmares start there's usually something bothering me at a subconscious level that I haven't allowed into my conscious mind.The nightmares calm when I talk through whatever aspect of the abuse is upsetting me.But I can empathize with you,it's absolutely terrifying,leaves you afraid to go to sleep at all.

  • Have you tried prazosin? This medication targets nightmares in PTSD. It worked for me.