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Is it PTSD?

Ok friends.....I have bits of anxiety mixed with depression. I feel it come on in waves. Some days I get so depressed I tend to shut the world out. Now this all started 5 years ago when I found my uncle who had hanged himself (please no sorry to hear that comments, I've heard that too many times to count) I cut him down and performed CPR and got him breathing again. But all was pointless as he was completely brain dead. His kids pulled his life support. Now I can not bring myself to forgive him even to this day. He was my best friend not just my uncle and he left me suddenly. Now whenever I see a horror movie and someone is being strangled or something me gets hanged I get flashbacks to that day...I relive it in my mind and I get extremely depressed. Even songs that sing about death or dying take me back to that day. Is this PTSD or do I suffer from on some other mental issue?

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Hi Will83,

I rarely post, but saw your message and it stirred my heart.

From my years of work as a trauma and loss therapist I can say your symptoms sound like you might want to be talking to some who specializes in the field of trauma, PTSD, complicated and prolonged traumatic grief. I could never and would never try to suggest anyone has a diagnosis by email because it is not ethical. I would suggest looking for someone certified in EMDR via EMDRIA. org. It sounds like this profound loss and trauma has invaded every aspect of your life. I wish deep compassion and peace to you as, one step at a time, you find ways to heal life.



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