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Wife of a survivor with civilian PTSD

Hello All,

I came here after my best friend read posts to try and help her husband who has PTSD after completing 3 tours. We were discussing our husbands symptoms and similarities that we experience with them and how we try to help or cope with family life, along with loving a person with PTSD. I would like to try to find ways to ease my husband's struggles after his trauma. He is non military but the trauma he experienced was with his dear friend who had Military PTSD. We're going on 2 years after the incident and things do not seem to be getting better. He is self medicating with alcohol because he states it helps him with the visions. He has been more of an introvert when he used to love going out and partaking in family functions. He is always angry and doesn't seem to care about his general hygiene anymore. What makes things harder is that our boys are seeing this behavior and while I try to explain that Daddy has a broken heart, they don't truly understand and I don't want it to affect them later in life. Any suggestions from survivors would be such a great help. I really do not want to give up on him and know that we are in the beginning stages of it.



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