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New here, not - new with Ptsd. Civilians who have this condition (like me) have stories to tell & lives to live while encouraging each other

Over 15 years ago, I was unofficially diagnosed with PTSD from a clinician who instead treated me for Anxiety. Over 30 years of various 'therapies', too many medications, too many doctor appointments and literally thousands of dollars invested by default into the field of pharmaceuticals, medical treatments and of course insurance companies.

My life was a continuum of appointments on a health journey that got worse along the way, with side effects, medical bills, and too many tears to count. The triggers are many and they go way back into childhood. Thinking about the Adverse Childhood Experiences know as ACE in the psychiatric world, only gives more validity to the causal reasons that contributed to my condition. I'm unashamed of the past, while learning how to live in the present.

Not many individuals in my personal 'circle' family or friends, understand the complexities within the complexities that surround my PTSD and healing journey. So here I am on this platform to both give, and receive support from those who do understand.

For years my contention has been that it is not only veterans of whom gets PTSD, and in no way does that eliminate nor minimize the care and concern for our veterans, it simply sends the message that Civilian PTSD has been largely misrepresented.

With this being said, all who suffer with PTSD are Warriors, We are Soldiers who fight a daily battle from what ails us. Together, We can Heal, We can raise awareness, and We above all else continue on the journey to overall wellness.

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Hey, you've worded that perfectly. Thank you for sharing, I've recently written my first post about my 13 year battle with PTSD just a few hours ago. I missed out a lot of the Major details, but you've done a great job of explaining the details properly. Hope it's ok to ask How are you in this present moment?.. & what are your coping mechanisms?

It's nice to hear from someone who has ptsd none of my friends or family understand. They assume that it's just veterans only who have PTSD but I've screamed to the top of my lungs repeating.. I'm on the frontline.. one man army.. battling my own hell.. falls on silent ears. Your right with what you quoted

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Hi LauraMk30 thanks for your thoughts and response. In this moment I'm okay. Had some recent triggering events the last 2 months but the symptoms don't last nearly as long as they used to.

I use mindfulness, prayer, faith based study, meditation, reading, writing, creativity, art therapy, music therapy, tapping, drumming, yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Literally learning how to change negative thinking processing into positive thought provoking for changing perspective. Its sort of like re-wiring your brain, then your emotions follow, that helps to heal.

I've done all sorts of therapies including EMDR, Talk, Cognitive Behavioral, etc, etc. I choose not to medicate as it complicates or exacerbates my other conditions.


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