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What Social Security is available for those with PTSD - over 65

I'm new here.

I help a person with severe PTSD (plus anxiety, depression) and today saw on the TV discussion about PIPs being payable to those with mental illness, including PTSD.

The man concerned is 66, and has been subject to the illness since 2000. Recently,anxiety has got worse because of a subsequent incident.

He is reasonably healthy in every other way.

Has anybody any advice as to what benefits if any he can claim?

Grateful for any advice.

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My best advice is to get a full diagnosis, once you have this take it to your M.P. - I, nor other here, are qualified to give proper benefits advice. BUT, getting a diagnosis means giving details of said trauma and once medically recognised it would be easier to get help from those "representatives" that are employed by us to support us.


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