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I've never talked to anyone about this before. I've been in multiple wrecks from motorcycle wrecks to a bus crash. I've never really had any problems until the past few months. I can't hardly sleep, temper has gotten very short, constantly on edge, started drinking more to help going to sleep, I've had a few dreams about trying heroin (I don't know why heroin) to feel calm and relaxed. Not sure what to do, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you see a therapist? I have PTSD from childhood beatings and talking it out and learning coping skills helps me a lot.


Hi there Mitch. Sorry to hear of your wrecks. And man I know how easy it is to drink to go to sleep. Because that is my problem too. I stop for About three weeks and now back to drinkin again. And PTSD is tough if you don't have a therapist now would be a good time. Like jillian51894 helping the coping skills. My therapist helping me with my PTSD. One step at a time. Hope you start feeling better.


Oh dear. When was your crash. I recognise the whole drinking to get to sleep, make sure you got plenty in for when you need it. It sounds like you having a flare up. That's not a matter of day, I mean months. Once the brain starts remembering things it makes you go round and round in circles so you can never stop it. I'm 6 years on from my crash and my brain copes better. Yes I have very down days very often but the brain kicks in to protect me so I don't know why I'm low. A woman ripped the entire of the front of my car off just days before Christmas. My car was full of presents as I was on my way to give to my daughter at uni. When she hit me she knocked my foot off the brake and I started rolling backwards. There were cars behind but my ptsd kicked in when it changed them in my mind to trees and I remembered how really scared I was. Taken me till now to get over that, well it's still there but I can't think about it.

Remember all this Is only my own advise based on my ptsd. I know we all very diff

Luv and hugs to you xx


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