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New Here

New Here

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new here. Just joined this specific community. My story is that my mother would verbally and physically abuse and beat me and my dad for being in her words "SICK like HIM" meaning my dad. I was dragged to every doctor my parents could find and bullied from Kindergarten to graduation. I begged social workers and teachers for help but never was removed from the home. I developed bipolar disorder which was misdiagnosed for a few years and I lived my teen years cutting, sleeping, or crying. My little sister and I had to do all the chores and grow up fast because my druggie mom never left her bedroom. Today, I have no contact with my mother and am doing a lot better. I am in therapy and on a lot of pills. My dad and little sister got away from my mom and are doing better. Photo is of my fiancé and I

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Hi there, recognizing and sharing your trauma is one step on the journey to healing. Well done you. And having someone who loves you by your side helps too. Hold on to that.

Kind regards......


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