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Is it possible to get PTSD after an operation?


This is my first post in this community. I was just wondering if I could have PTSD. Long story short I was in chronic pain for years and had several operations and then I finally had a hysterectomy aged 27 which ended my pain. I thought I would feel so happy afterwards but I've had so many mental health problems since the hysterectomy. I've had CBT for anxiety and depression but with little success. I have flashbacks of being in pain every time anything in my body hurts and gp surgeries and hospitals set off my panic attacks. I wake up crying from nightmares most nights.

I don't know much about PTSD so forgive me if I'm barking up the wrong tree!

Thanks xxx

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Hello Sylv. You can indeed have PTSD from operations in hospital - as well as anything else. Your experiences mirror my own when I had spinal surgery. My fears began while still in hospital and I began to panic over the simplest things. I imagined all sorts of strange things.

After getting home, things got worse. I couldn't be amongst a crowd of people, couldn't use lifts, got anxious that I couldn't swallow and anything about hospitals caused terror and panic. Just driving past the hospital would bring on a cold sweat.

So...what to do? I was so depressed and in a mental mess that my GP sent me for counselling. Didn't help a lot - only six sessions - and I eventually had private counselling sessions. I learned to face up to what was causing the panic and discover what it was. Long story short - it worked. I gradually managed to enter a hospital or a lift. It takes a while but I got there. You can too, Sylv. Be brave and ask your GP about counselling and don't take no for an answer.

Sorry there's so much about me but it's to try and convince you that you are not unique or alone with this PTSD. Come back and let us know what develops.


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