Dealing with PTSD alone

Hi everyone! I'm new here and am looking for some advice. I have PTSD from rape a little over a year ago. I was not in a good situation to talk to anyone when it happened, and still cannot tell my parents. I do have PTSD symptoms from this, including nightmares, panic attacks, and many more. I have already considered my situation, and a few of my friends know but I am not in the place I want to be to tell my parents or another adult. Does anyone have any tips on dealing with symptoms? Mainly the nightmares? Thank you!

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  • May I ask how old you are? I ask so as to know best which services to suggest to you.

  • I'm 16

  • Try to speak to someone who no none of your family. I had to under go to clinical psychology for a year. You can't do this on your own. It will come back anytime. You must get help. I have a couple of sheets to help you cope with the ptsd. I look for them later and get the info for you. I will give a general of what it says and if you would like to know more on what you choose I can message you that. DO get help even if it's really hard DONT try and do it alone. I will help you if I can. Iv had it 6 years now and some things trigger it. It's horrid I know xx

  • Thank you! I wouldn't really know what to do. I live in a really small community where everyone knows my parents and my parents are very strict so I don't really know how I'd be able to do something without them knowing

  • You need to see someone professional. I think all information is secure legally. I'm sure that's once your 16. You don't have to tell anyone you know at the minute. You need to fix u first and when you dealing with it a bit better you may then want to open up to people close to you. If you can't tell people don't push it, don't even think about it if it's causing you more stress. It's great you have come on her to ask for help,,, step one,,, and you have done it. Speaking to someone who can starts thing rolling is your doctor who can put you in the right direction. I think at 16 the doctors can't say anything to public. Check that. With it being rape it maybe different. You can ask them for someone you know. You need that info for them.

    If hats no good we are here to help but try to get the doctor to see you cause a good sob is a good start. Trying to keep it together won't help. You have to get your feeling out.

    I can find out for you if it's safe for you to speak to a doctor if you would like to then tell you what Iv found out if that is a bunch of stress removed. X

  • There are places who will take your insurance and meet with you online through skype etc. so that you don't have to leave a place you feel safe and comfortable starting to get some support and help through this

  • PTSD needs treatment, it does not go away with time. Check out Wickopedia on PTSD for treatment suggestions.

  • I sent you a PM, please check.

  • Hello, under_the_sea.....I'm so sorry for what you're enduring alone! How awful! You really need to tell your parents & press charges against the rapist. The rapist will rape again. I cannot imagine what you're going throigh & my heart aches for you!

    I was molested by a step uncle & I learned he would molest me while I was passed out from a night at the bar with friends.

    I have on & off nightmares about it still & he passed away a few years ago. I have always seen molestation as a form of rape. Like you, I didn't tell until many years later. You should call the rape crisis center & get professional help. If your friends are supportive of you & what you're going through, have one of them attend a rape support group with you. I don't know what is or can be done about the nightares......My gi doc would prescribe me a 10 day supply of medicine.

    Once we awake from them I'll play a game or look a beautiful nature pics on my iPad until I am sleepy again.

    Hang in there! Hugs!

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