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A New Start A New Year

I wrote on another site of my feelings regarding 2016, well to start Lost Mum in March due to hospital negligence(Coroner said Natural causes but significant Culture of Negligence within the hospital concerned) Dad Passed away on November 16th Peacefully(he was a bit of a character and the opposite to peaceful in Life) so 2016 has been a horrendous year for me! But I really feel 2017 is going to be better I dont know why as I am a bit of a pessimist normally , I still have PTSD Skeletal problems and Diverticular disease to name a few still in constant pain ! But I feel different Like something has changed I live with my two parrots but otherwise alone I am agoraphobic but am managing to actually go outside now ok I still have panic attacks but nowhere near as bad as before! I feel protected I know that may sound daft but something has changed I really dont know what? I am not a religeous person yet I was brought up Catholic, please dont get me wrong I am not saying its a Heavenly reason I am feeling like this because I trully dont know what it is But Something has definitely changed ! I want to keep feeling this feeling I dont want it to go away . I feel happier than I have in years yet cant explain it


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