Ptsd after domestic abuse

Hi. Not sure if anyone can help. I left an abusive relationship 3 years ago. I am waiting on the court trial begining in january. However i have been in a relationship with my new partner for a year. I suffer badly from anxiety and fear. I look for things to go wrong. Im scared of being lied to and being hurt again. I feel like i always need something to look forward to and my brain constantly goes in to overdrive with worry. Its ruining my relationship. Ive not heard of anyone who has suffered like i am and i dont know how to stop it.. im on tablets for anxiety and received counselling after my ex.

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  • Seeing your post just made me feel nervous and afraid that you were my most recent ex posting to mess with me. I'll respond again in a little while after I take a few deep breaths.

  • I can relate. But how could I help? I'm the same way in my PTSD, but preparing for court I could maybe help with.? Initially I got an email sending me to your post. I mistakenly thought it was a post that "mentioned" me asking for help, like legal help. But my mind got the best of me when I read your post because it hit very close to home.

  • My ex messed with my head for about 8months after i left. He made me feel a bad person for leaving giving me guilt and trying to tell me he would change! My regret now is that all that time he was out partying and seeing other girls. I wish id found strength to cut him off the moment i left x

  • I got pregnant by my abusive partner and it took that for my motherly instincts to kick in, along with seeing a counselor 5 days a week and lexapro just long enough to get pregnant to get out. You have to start habits of self-talk to build your love for yourself again. Feeling proud and grateful and confident are as hard for me as dieting for people with eating disorders.

    I work alone and live alone and it makes my life a lot more difficult in terms of responsibilities, but it's easier to hear myself talking negative to.. myself. Also, to recognize what people say to me and if I really want to be around them.

  • Im glad for you that you are away from him. Sounds like you are on the right path now and you know what you need to do to help yourself. That was something i learned that its better to loose people in your life than be surrounded by people who drag u down and bring negativity to you xx

  • Well he is now my "baby daddy" so that has been hard but not impossible. Now I don't let anyone talk to me like he did, so when he does it gets tough. But it's becoming easier to see and stop all regards :)

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