New to PTSD

Hello. My name is Reland(aka-Ravenjade). A few months ago I stumbled upon an article about NPD & learned most victims suffer from complex-PTSD. Learning about NPD-Narcissistic Personality Disorder has put a great deal of a failed 28 marriage into perspective as well as the fallout from the abuse & its side effects. I'm not doctor diagnosed but absolutely fit the profile for C-PTSD. I feel very overwhelmed & lost so I'm seeking all the help & understanding I can find.

I have never been suicidal(feeling) or went so deep into the darkness trying to save my soul from bleeding out......some days the demons I battle win, but mostly I win. I'm still here & breathing.

I'm struggling to get back the former parts of me that were taken away. Despite 28 yrs of emotional abuse & living a lie, I did find love again & remarry.

So shortly after new marriage begins I learn of the NPD & the C-PTSD......I need help understanding the PTSD & need tools to keep it in check. I fear I could unknowingly sabotage my new marriage because of the PTSD.

What do I need to know? Help!