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Living With My Daughter Who Has PTSD Among Other Things

I'm new here. My daughter has been diagnosed with PTSD along with several other things. I'm just hoping to get a little insight on it and see if it has caused anyone to have fainting spells or seizure like activity. Anyone whom can maybe give me a little insight. I've thought about hypnosis for her but not sure if it'll work or if there is a hypnosis near me that would be capable. 

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I am working with a therpist having EMDR therapy.  Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy has been a good therapy for me as you don't have to tlker and over about your trauma all you have to do is bring up a memory and then sets of movements in front of the eyes is used to process the memory and store it in a place in the brain where it no longer is able to hijack me at any given moment.  I'd recommend you at least google it.  It was designed quite by chance by a therapist called francine shapiro.  She stumbled on it when she noticed herself doing some specific eye movements herself when she was processing memories.  I dissociate, not as much as I used to, and when I dissociate I am often unaware of what is happening around me.  Some might see this as a type of seizure activity but it is not.

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Thank you Lindyloo53. I had completely forgotten about this type of therapy. I will definitely discuss this with her therapist and see if they are able to try this. 


Hi barkerb and welcome to the PTSD Global Community.

When its one of your own family its not easy to understand when you have no prior experience or knowledge of the condition. With regards to  "fainting spells and seizure like activity" I have not heard or read of any associated with PTSD. Has your daughter had those symptoms diagnosed by a Doctor/GP? That would give me concern to have them checked out quickly.

Can I ask where are you located very approximately ie: UK? US? Aus? or EU?

No personal details or address please..

But I'm glad you joined us and I hope we can offer some support and guidance as people who suffer with PTSD ourselves and a fair selection of other illnesses and injuries. We can't give medical advice, but its always good to talk to other people who are in the same or similar position.


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