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The changover from DLA to PIPS

I knew it was coming and I know a few people have either been through it or soon will do.

I received a letter from the DWP about 3 weeks ago with regards to DLA ending and having to apply for PIPS. I also had a reminder letter from the DWP about it last week.

For 6 years I have been on DLA as a "lifetime award" as assessed by ATOS which is an achievement itself I understand ! But of course nothing is forever especially where politics is involved. Well, today I made the phone call to the DWP although a bit late. My partner who I am a full time carer for had spinal surgery a couple of weeks ago and she has been quite ill. Worryingly ill and she is on the cutting edge of medical science bless her. She has been a guinea pig for new drug trials a couple of times.

I've had a very nasty cough and had to look after myself very carefully too. After having acute bronchittis in 2013, my lungs are not good.

The phone call was fairly simple and they wanted some details about me for security purposes. ie: to make sure I am applying myself, for me. There were other questions of a very lengthy and mechancial legal nature. My brain does not handle stuff like that very well, but I got through it. I waffled on in another direction at one stage but got told to answer the question which wasn't very clear to me anyway.

I know they have targets for how many phone calls they have to process every day and they have to be strict about keeping on track but I find it very hard talking to a mechanoid.

So win or lose I'm off ! On the trail of PIPS and I will keep you informed about the whole process. What will be will be, but I will fight them all the way to the wire and beyond. Trust me on that.

Please ask if anyone has anything to discuss?

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After waiting for a long time to receive the application form I called the DWP and they said it was on its way 2 weeks ago, but sent 2nd class post. Well 2nd class doesn't take 2 weeks. However the forms arrived within 48 hours.  Uh hu.

So having lost 2 weeks or more out of my allotted time to complete these tbh critical forms I called the DWP again and asked for an extension of time because I was not given the statutory time. So I got a 2 weeks extension to return the forms.

If the DWP and their hired assessors (assassins?) played fair it would be straigfhtforward, but sometimes they don't play fair, we know that.

Excuse my sense of humour, but it helps.

The hard part comes if they assess me as nil points and ignore the major health issues and mobility issues which I have and is what worries me becasue I would lose the essential DLA support I now get until if I won an appeal or won my case through a Tribunal. I will go all the way if they say no. But losing my DLA means we would have to take our car off the road. My DLA pays for our car to take us to our many medical appointments. A DWP reconsideration has virtually no chance of a positive outcome according to the stats and a Tribunal hearing can easily take up to 2 years to reach court. I  am resisiting any feelings of anxiety or panic, but I don't want to be caged indoors.

So thats the latest news on my PIPS.

Great news that IDS quit !!

Pretending to have a conscience was just twisted of him. That guy is a psycho without any doubt.

DPAC now have the UN investigating the governments unfair treatment of the disabled. I am hopeful of a result in our favour but I am unsure of a positive result seeing as Cameron and his chums ensured that one of the Saudi Royals got the UN job of Human Rights. They are not known for understanding human rights.

I have rejoined my local DPAC because my conscience will not let me do nothing to help and fight against the unjust cutbacks targeting all of us. By the way I don't support any political party and I dont take part in this shamocracy.  Same rubbish : different coloured ties.



It took me 3 weeks of hard work to complete the 42 page form to which I added about 30 or so hand written extra information pages.

During that time I received  a letter from the DWP saying that if I didn't reply by the first date my DLA would stop. So I had to write back to cover myself and point out the time and date during my phone converstion with the DWP when they agreed to extend the deadline. Can't trust those blighters at all. It is essentail to confirm verbal communications in wiriting.

Eventually I sent the PIP application form off to arrive within the extended deadline of 8th May.

You must allow time for postage and it is essential to send it recorded delivery.

Although it has been declared as illegal by the courts to stop peoples DLA payments if they havent responded in time. Trust me on this, it is far better to just get it in before the deadline. Get expert help to fill the form in is my advice.

Although I have serious health and mobility issues I feel the DWP will turn me down anyway. From my experience and observations the DWP treat it like a numbers game.

No DLA = no car = prisoners in our own home = no hospital or doctor visits and social exclusion.

Yes it is that serious.


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