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Feel like giving up

So I beginning to lose hope. The last few years have been so stressful emotionally.

I had a row with my family and not seen or spoken to them in a year. I sick of the drama and there negative in put. My in laws seem to favour my sister in law. Had the holiday from he'll this year with the inlaws. Overbearing sister in law who the holiday turned in everything she wanted to do. My in laws loved her went a long with what ever she wanted. The longest two weeks of my life. Was made very clear to me they would not of noticed if I was there or not. Stress at work with a bullying manager and backstabbing colleagues. Very lovely and isolating at work. Constantly watching my back and not trusting anyone. Tried my best to keep positive. But now I think what the point. I should give up fighting and thinking can overcome anything and it will get better. But I released everybody seem to disliked, use me and backstabbing me me all my life. I was better being a loner.

I should just accept my fate that things were never meant to work well for me and I should accept the cards I have been dealt. It seems that's I cursed, bad luck or what ever else there is. So I am thirty I don't have a family or trusting friends. I was always alone. But I always be positive, outgoing and friendly. perhaps it me , my personality. Maybe there something wrong with my personality. Maybe it time to give up accept that I never meant to have anything. Stop trying. There only so much trying and picking up self up one can do.

I truly starting to find it difficult to stay positive, motivated.

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I've always been a stand alone kind of person, there's nothing wrong with that.

I don't trust other people and never rely on them because I've been let down too many times in my youth. There are so many social stereotypes that people think you must conform to, and its nonsense. I've played the game but Ive never been a conformist.

Why would I ever want to conform to someone elses stereotype?

Just being a biker has me marked down as an outcast even in the 21st century.

I like people generally keeping away from me. I am strong, self reliant and resolute in myself. I have very little to do with my family because they think they can judge me and I see nothing special in them. Thats the crux of the matter? People who think they can judge you.

Be happy to be different and don't follow the stereotypes. Its much better if you don't.

Have your own identity.


How are you doing now? I am newer here and find it hard to know which site or sites on the web I should follow that is best for me, so then sometimes I just walk away.

I am having a real hard time currently and kind of scared actually. Where I am currently living there is no help for my complex ptsd and I need help other than the prescriptions they used for 10 plus years that covered things up and made me worse.

Can I find a place where I can get help on this site?


Hope life is getting easier and you are not feeling too isolated. This is a hard time of year with so much pressure to be in a cosy perfect family, which hardly anyone is. Focus on your child and on you, find some hobbies and things you enjoy and you will meet folk through that who may turn out to be friends. I wish you all the best

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