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Finding it hard to make friends


I feeling slightly overwhelmed today. I think I am very friendly and outgoing person. I always smile and chat to colleagues and mums at work, nursery, playgroups. But I never seem to make lasting friendships. In fact I think people sort of avoid me. I always found it hard to make friends when I was younger. But now I am seriously considering the problem is me. Everyone seems to have there one click mums at the schools and groups at work. They never seem to want to include me. I now feel alone

I just drop my son to nursery. Get to work and focus on the job in hand. But feel slightly disappointed with my self. That nobody wants to stay my friend.

Thanks for reading this xxx

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Maybe you are a non conformist at heart?

In a similar way I was very gregarious prior to my accident and had numerous friends. Some of them are still my friends, but not many. I am more selective now than ever before. Maybe thats an age thing?

I can tell you that I find it very hard to make new friends.

It is only this last year that I found a small group of friends in a social group that we no longer belong to. We have our own small social group of freinds who are very similar and all very interesting people with a story to tell.

I don't think sometimes we realise how we come across to other people.

People who have been through major trauma are a bit of a breed apart you know.

Thats not a bad thing its just the way it is.

Can I just say that you have friends here, for the simple reason that we know how it feels, we live it as well. I am not going to tell you we have all the answers or any answers. I have made some lovely friends online all over the world and we speak online most days. The internet is a good way of having friends and working on talking to people again. Although tbh I am not on facebook or twitter or anything like that myself.

Can I suggest having a look online at Meetup ? Its a site for meeting local social groups of varying interests and it costs nothing to join. I tried a few of their social groups and had some interesting meetings and went to several events on my own. I don't know if you would go on your own?


When I was out of work in the early 1990s I took my daughter to primary school and none of the mums would talk to me at all. I have a slight disavantage of being 6 foot 2" tall, 130 kilo, shaved head, face like a bulldog........ biker.

People are just anti-social they look at the outside and ignore you.

The age of real face to face socialising and talking seems to be slipping away in favour of all the social networks?


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