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Nature therapy? (Ecotherapy/Green therapy)

I hope a few other members will try this effective therapy? .... if they havent already.

This is a good way of being somewhere away from triggers and away from people in a hurry.

Basically its about being out in natural places and engaging in activities in a natural environment.

Activities could be anything as simple as taking a picnic and walking into a nature reserve and finding a good place to chill out and spend time just watching the wildlife and talking with your partner, a friend, or friends or relatives? But to do it regularly, make it part of your weekly or daily routine.

We have enhanced our time in these wonderful natural places by learning about the wildlife and interacting with them in a safe way. We also learn by observing their individual behavior and how they behave as a group.

We know some of them by sight and I think they know us.

Some rather interesting wildlife appears which is not indiginous to the UK. So we are on a constant learning curve. ie: a solitary black swan which we see two or three times a year and a white Peruvian duck which took us quiet a while to identify online.

But from simple things like this, the nature therapy can also be vollunteering and being actively engaged with the work of conservation groups.

I want to explore this with you, because being with nature is great therapy on many levels !

An interesting section on the UK Mind website about Ecotherapy:

The therapy of the outdoors, nature ! The natural world.

Have a think and let us know if you engage with the natural world as part of your therapy routine or as a coping method?

Does it help you? How does it help?

Are you able to access natural places or nature reserves, country parks etc?

If the site will let me I am going to share some photographs of some beautiful natural places we go to.

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That's a massive problem these days, people are completely disconnected from nature. This causes loads of health issues, not just mental health.


That's really interesting thank you. Yes I do try and get out in nature as much as my health issues will allow. It does really help relax the central nervous system. I think Dr's should prescribe it!

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I'm incredibly lucky I live next door to SSSI nature reserve on the Sussex coast and use it as my daily therapy, walking my dog and being at one with nature is a great way to relax the mind for a short time, I often take my camera in the hope of catching a glimpse of our splendid wildlife, be it a soaring red kite or buzzard or the patient fisherman the grey heron, sometimes just the peace & tranquility and the beautiful landscape can remove you from the turmoil of life.

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I am delighted to see some of you you already engage in this simple and effective therapy. There are times when you just don't want to be near other people, or TV, or media and just want to be out and away from the same four walls?

I don't think there is anything more beautiful than nature and natural creations. A day or an afternoon sat at a picnic table in the sun or sitting in the bird "hide" in the rain really helps me to centre myself and restore emotional balance? Do you find that?

What I do is watch the sun playing on the water or on the grass and on leaves in the trees, watching the patterns of movement and the colours changing as they move.

But also I just stop and listen to the sounds of the wind in the trees and hedges, I listen to the birds and wildlife. So I just sit and turn off to everything else and just mentally but gently focus on the light and the movement, on the sounds around me and the feel of the wind on my face and sun on my back. I just become absorbed in all of that, its a fantastic feeling. Just feeling all of that with your senses. It is just beautiful. This is good trauma therapy and I know because one nature reserve near us is a place which helped me to learn to walk again.


I've been down to a local reservoir twice in the last two weeks.

We bought 4 loaves of bread for £1-80 from a corner shop and we fead the gulls and waterfowl this afternoon.

D'you know its amazing that its mostly adults who go and feed the wildlife.

We see a few people with learning difficulties with their carers and the interaction with wildlife and nature certainly works for them.

I was hand feeding common gulls on the wing today.

I was holding strips of bread up in my outstretched hand and they were flying in and taking it from me.

Although that is not for the novice or anyone who isn't confident with animals.

It feels good to help the animals survive in some way by feeding them and providing some enrichment in their lives with our interaction.

We also make sure the weaker ones and ones with injuries get fead too, thats only fair. They are so bold when they get to know you ! But we are lucky to have very special connections with animals.

We had the most incredible and quite sureal experience last year on our garden alotment patch with a wild mouse. We are still quite confounded about what happened. But it shows the wonder of nature and how we should all connect or reconnect with it. It is an essential part of our lives and it has healing power too from my own experience.

I will tell the story of the wild mouse later.


I am trying to post some photographs.

It may be successful later on......