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ive been diagnosed with PTSD ive been doing so well with my counselling but all of a sudden my flash backs are returning, i suffered a trauma when i was 14/15 and once again my flash backs are. They are so vivid and real and i can see everything thats going on, its like my mind is a television and the faces wont leave me alone i dont understand why they are here again?

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Helena, I have experience this also.. It.does pass.. The brain is attempting to get understanding...

The key that got me through it was , that I when experiencing flashbacks is they are caused by events that I am no longer actually living in..

It does not stop the temporary fear but it can shorten the time of flashbacks a lot of the time..

I was told the fact I am having flashbacks is my brain feels in a safe enough place to deal with things..

Hope it passes soon..take time out to be kind and gentle to yourself..

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That's sound comment, travelhear. Flashbacks can be considered as a 'clearing' mechanism. The fact that they are happening - not in the place that caused them; but in a safe place, means that they - and what caused them, can't hurt you any more. Don't know if I've explained that very well but a time will come when you will and can be able to face the fears in the eye. They really can't hurt you.

Keep well...and keep posting. You can get on top of this, Helena.


Wow. Mine happened at 13 and a half. I can relate. I finally got the help but I didn't know I had Ptsd until 5 years ago. I'm not happŷ abôut that, good luck meditation helps.

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Similar to the above comments, my events happened 30 plus years ago, didnt get a proper diagnosis for many many years.

Suffered flashbacks for a long time, not so severe these days, not so traumatizing in themselves but a nuisance none the less.

Chin up, never give up getting over it. Things will improve.


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