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I am dealing with Ptsd for a long time. The problem is I didn't know I had it until 5 years ago. I'm angry about that cause it ruined my marriage cause I didn't know what was wrong with me. No violence involved. Never had a fight in my entire life. I did therapy and cbt has helped the most . emdr I thought was ineffective. Seemed silly to me. Not real enough for me. Anyway I'm getting another surgery on Monday. My situation all resulted from a car accident I was in at a young age. My friends father died. My good friend later died in 9/11. So I ended up with survivors guilt. The kicker is that I remember the entire accident up until they took me into emergency surgery which I know now has haunted me for many years. Sadly I didn't know til 5 years ago. Anyway I'm mentally healthy just not physically right now. My third surgery in a year is mMonday. I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I believe that. I'm learning to let ignorant people go. Ignorance is like a bad disease. Its everywhere. Well have a good dat people.

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  • Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge and we can't blame people for that now can we? I lived with PTSD for half my adult life, not knowing what kept knocking me down again and again. Only when I was able to put my finger on the exact causes and deal with those was I able to overcome it.

    My best advice is to keep fighting.

    We are all in the gutter, some of us turn over and look at the stars!

    You have a nice day too my friend. Be safe.

    noun: ignorance

    lack of knowledge or information - example "he acted in ignorance of basic procedures"or"he was ignorant on the topic in question"

    synonyms:incomprehension, unawareness, unconsciousness, inexperience, innocence

  • I would never ever put ignorance and innocence next to each other...

    If one person does a harm (hit, kick etc or emotional one) to other person that's not innocence. It may be ignorance but it's not a lack of knowledge. Am I missing something?

  • No, your right, it's not innocence but it's not ignorance either. Racism, sexism perhaps or just downright bullying. Cause by ignorance maybe, but it isn't directly due to that.

    When I was a child I didn't like black people. I didn't like black people because my parents didn't and they taught me not to like them.bthey reinforced the cultural stereotype by using the n word and other words like gollywog and so on.

    Is that my fault? My ignorance (lack of knowledge) was caused by another couple of people. As I grew up I gained knowledge, and friends from Africa, from Kenya and Tanzania I learned black people are people just like me, human beings just a different colour.

    So I challenged my own ignorance with experience and change my opinions.

    I can't say why someone kicks or punches another person, but there is usually a reason, their own insecurity, their need for feelings of personal power (because they have none) or to cater to their ego centrism, who knows. But it isn't down to ignorance as a general rule.

    Ignorance is an often misunderstood and misused word.

    Have a a nice day friend.

  • Hi , glad you overcame your earlier situation. I treat everyone the same, if I don't like their act. I don't deal with them unless I have to. I'm not talking about a bad day. I mean their consistent behavior over time. Since I'm a forgiving soul they must really be a jerk. Lol

  • Thanks for reply.

    It's a learning day for me. I learned what means ignorance ;)

    There have been a lot of occasions when I see people having that lack of knowledge. But so far I didn't link those two together.

    Thanks :)

  • what's your first language? It's not English is it? I teach English as a foreign language, so a professional interest

  • You are right, English is not my first language. If you are a teacher then mistakes made by other language speaker's can guide you to nationality or language group ;)

    Make a guess :)

  • I honestly have no idea as your English is pretty good, I have a hunch, either Polish or Nigerian but accept I my be way way off the correct guess.

  • Hi Rinoman1,

    I have learned that the only people who really understand are those who have been through this themselves. I learned that the heard way by expecting to be shown consideration of my injuries and health issues.

  • Hi Rinoman1,

    How did you get on with surgery? I hope it went well and you are making a good recovery?

    Same here, I'm another survivor of a road traffic accident.

    Be nice to hear from you.

    Please give us an update? Let us know how you are?

  • I'm hanging in there but I need to get a new job and I have a company interested but won't be able. To work for 2 months, no money coming in its very stressful at this point. I pray each day for everyone then myself. I need a break my way. Thx for reading my reply

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