Self care plans and goals

Good moring friends. It's saturday 01/24/15 around 1015 am my time here in central Florida. Usa. I am struggling to move out of the lifestyle of addiction. These old habits die hard. I am a slow learner but I am seeing how easy it is to " just self medicate" . But the realization these a" self harming strategies of the ego don't work in my best interest" . Comming out of denial and delusion about this fact of my life. Feeling lazy and kinda slothful about developing a routine of self care plan and goals. I m seeing if I don't develope a self care plan I will keep self destructing. Your feedback is welcomed. Especially if your have already developed a self care plan and goals, tell what your doing different to bring this part of your life under control and out of chaos.

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  • I'm an ex addict myself, personally I had to explore what was behind my addiction before I could deal with the addiction itself.

    Does that make sense?

    After dealing with the ghosts, the addictions slowly lost their power over me as my need to escape had dissipated.