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Any hope for the hopless

Hi there my name is frank. Am a victim of extreme stress n major depressive disorder. I ave never felt so detached, disconnected n disabled. Am in Africa n Nigeria to be precise.. its has been 6months n suicidal thought wont let me be.. my symptoms are high n ver disabling. Pls is there anyone out there.. hear my prayers n save me pls. Is any hope for me normal again.. pls am in desperately in need of help.. thank you

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Hi frankborres. You are never alone... many of us have suffered, have overcome and can relate to you. Suicidal tendencies usually need professional attention. Please look...

meanwhile, we'll support you on this forum.

Your wounds need attention... for starters believe there IS a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Really! Blessings.


I feel your pain, things do get better. Don't ever give up.



I've been away elsewhere and I missed you.

I am sorry I missed you.

I don't know if you are ok or feeling any better? But I would like to know, because I care. My heart goes right out to you wherever you are.

Please come back and talk? Just talk to us?