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I am new to this forum and for the past year I have been looking at forums for advice regarding ESA and PIP for mental health

I have suffered with Mental Health for years and only this year have managed to access the right help from the Mental Health services and been given a diagnosis of PTSD and DID Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously Multiple Personality Disorder)

I was a student but in 2012 had a breakdown and I am still recovering what I want to know is if there is anyone with a similar diagnosis to mines and how they cope but more importantly what help they receive.

I also have an incontinence problem with nightmares and bed wetting also incontinence which is triggered by the panic attacks I suffer and extreme sleepwalking which on occasions I have been found outside in the road no shoes on due to the dissociation, I am still going through the assessment phase of ESA and have been providing medical certificates form Jan 2014 to date I have a CMHT Nurse which does home visits and am waiting on Group and Individual Therapy for Childhood Trauma and Individual Therapy which should help with my panic attacks.

ESA seem to be giving me HELL on EARTH at the moment I keep sending my medical evidence which they keep loosing I have 2 care plans and reports from psychiatrists and occupational therapy literally a network of professionals all trying to support me now ESA say they need further medical evidence as they have only received my ESA50 questionnaire my application has been ongoing since Jan 2014 for both ESA and PIP and I am no closer even getting an assessment is this normal??

Also has anyone else been accepted for PIP or ESA Support Group with this diagnosis I have always worked and then started Uni but life got so hard juggling 2 children and allot of issues that have happened in my life including some traumatic events which has left me scared of my own shadow. I don't intend on claiming benefits my whole life but at this present time my sickness if affecting my whole family and right now I feel like my sickness is a burden to them already with out me putting them though all this hardship.

Sorry if none of this makes sense as loose track alot but any advise would help me thank you and for anyone else who needs advise im happy to share my benefit experience. worked for 16 years and 1st time claiming benefits.

Went to the job centre for the 1st time on Friday and an old lady hadnt been paid her pension for 2 weeks she was 87 and in tears made me look at myself and feel very ungrateful just shows you when we think lifes bad always someone out here going though worse

Stay Strong


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Hi, I dont know if what I have to say will be of any help but here goes.

However difficult your situation you should try and keep an accurate diary of the services you are dealing with. Back in the day, and Im talking 20 years ago, it took me years to find the correct help and that came through a mental health charity rather than via the national health service.

Send all letters and notes by recorded delivery and keep the tracking numbers in your diary.

This way you will be able to prove your story. Dealing with mental health issues is difficult enough without trying to prove you sent a letter when you say you sent it.

Another good step, if you could handle it, would be to go and see your MP. In my experience things start to go much more smoothly when they get involved. People start to listen when an MP is watching your case.

Thats not much to go on but I hope it helps. You can do it, im living proof!

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Thank you for your reply

My mum is very good at organising things and has kept a track of all my letters and correspondence.

I have contacted my local MP and am still awaiting a reply I asked as I have seen cases online of people where people in worse cases then my own get refused and messed around so badly.

Thank you for a reply xx

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Then you are lucky! You can prove the things you say SO...... relax a bit as truth is on your side. Its frustrating for sure waiting and not knowing BUT it will come good. 20 years ago I was a junkie and an alcoholic waste of space, now I am married, with two kids, a great job and a pretty decent life. All because I didnt quit.

If I can pass you one little thing its that, dont quit. In 20 years time you'll look back and realise with a clarity you cant understand now how much potential lays before you.

Be strong......

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Wow very encouraging thank you so much xx



I am glad you have your mum to help and all I can say is what the above poster said; keep trying but it is not your fault they are making it so difficult for you.

I hope you manage to work your way through the trauma and dissociation. Again not your fault but you are suffering the consequences. Try and stay strong ; there is freedom there somewhere but I cannot tell you when it will happen. Financial things make a big difference.

Do not rely on them recognising your need or aknowledging your honesty with honesty themselves ; see it as a game of numbers they play to get as many people out of the system as possible.

Hopefully your MP will help. CAB can help too. They are vastly overworked yet continue to battle on to try and help people like us get what should rightfully be hours without this fight but in this day and age we cannot rely on the integrity of the benefits system to be fair; we need help with obtaining our rights.



I was original placed in WRAG BUT ON APPEAL AND ATTENDING TRUBUNAL , I was moved to support ..


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