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Introducing myself

Hi there, My name's Jake. I'm 21 and live in the Southampton area. I suffer serious PTSD along with anxiety & behavioural disorders after becoming a victim of an assault on a night out which resulted a fractured Skull and several clots to the Brain. 3 years on i still suffer serious affects where i still rely a lot on medication to help smooth my recovery more.

I've brought myself to Headway after hearing great things and the great people on here who've suffered similar Trauma which has made a change to their living.

Please guide me through this to anyone who knows how it all works or even new to this theirselves. It'd be great hearing and communicating with such Headway members.

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Sorry to hear what you've been through. Here you'll find people who have battled their own demons and while we may not be able to comment specifically on your case we can give you some excellent tips on fighting demons!

Talking is excellent therapy, so just being here and chatting to the other members will help.

Small steps on the ladder to recovery my friend. Walk before you run!


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Hi Jake. Glad you've found your way onto our forum. As Japaholic has said, we haven't got any magic cures but talking helps and sometimes leads to better things. You've come through a bad experience which involves both physical and mental help. Take your time, be as positive as you can (not easy sometimes, is it?) and talk about stuff when you need to.

Stick in there.

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keep fighting mate headway is in the fight with you as are all of us you are in the right place,

take care mate, john xxx

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Welcome to the forum.


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