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Indian Head Massage

I like the idea of complementary therapy and I am a firm believer in the advantages of holistic treatment of pain and emotional problems like stress, ptsd, deptression, anxiety.

Although some of these therapies are officially recognised, the NHS does recognise they have a significant place in the feeling of well being in patients which is to be applauded.

The whole human body has an energy flow around and through it. The energy flow can become imbalanced or impaired through physical and emotional injury or trauma.

We are matter and matter is made of energy.

Here is some very interesting general information about Indian Head massage I have selected from the net

Any massage is tremendously therapeutic in the sense of deep relaxation.

Ever had a spa day? and youll know what I mean.

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Acupuncture does it for me, sparks me out well and truely


As a post script to this, I found a shop that offered indian head massages yesterday and thought Id book one. Only to discover they were fully booked all day.